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Herbal Classes Online

If you’ve been quarantined, you may find it a blessing in disguise. Perhaps you have more family time or can sit quietly with your cat for a while. Maybe, however, someone in your house is sick or in the high-risk category for contracting an airborne illness like COVID-19. What better time to enroll in an herbal class and learn about boosting your immunity naturally! 

Herbs are not a “cure” for COVID-19, however, utilizing herbal infusions may be useful in reducing the severity of the most troubling symptoms like cough, aches, pains, and difficulty breathing. Incorporating more herbs and plants into your diet can strengthen your body’s immunity over time. And you can do that by adding some as seasonings to your regular meals, making teas and tinctures or just eating them raw. 

Herbal Academy is committed to educating the world about herbs and their benefits. Last week, I shared the newest online offering, The Mushroom Course. Right now you can enroll with a discount of $50 until April 6 and start learning about the beneficial properties of fungi. 

This week I wanted to let you know that several of Herbal Academy’s programs are 50% off.

The Introductory Herbal Course is designed for those with little or no herbal knowledge. You can preview a lesson from this course here.

The Intermediate Herbal Course is meant for those that have some understanding about the practical use of herbs for wellness. Both courses are 50% off for the next three weeks.

Even at this reduced rate, you might find the budget too tight and the future just too uncertain to justify these classes right now. That doesn’t mean you need to give up on your herbal education entirely, however. Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals offers free herbal content for you to enjoy. 

I know I’m using this time to reflect on my health, make determined decisions to improve my wellness levels, and take the time to appreciate what I have. What about you?


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Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals

Would you believe I found another awesome herb resource? You already know that I’m a huge fan of the Herbal Academy and have taken several courses online with them. But today, I’d like to introduce you to Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals.

My first course was The Basics of Holistic Herbalism was incredibly comprehensive. Herbalism isn’t just about taking this or that herb to improve your health you know. It’s about looking at the body as a whole and determining where herbs can provide support as part of a regular, herbally enhanced diet.  

This course started with a refresher botany section. Herb identification is vitally important, especially if you have moved to a totally different environment like I have. We wouldn’t want to poison anyone now, would we, especially since I taste the herbal concoctions on myself. After that, there was a section on medicinal properties of types of herbs, very useful.

But we weren’t finished learning yet! Session three covered the skin as an organ and talked about interactions herbs can have on it, followed by the digestive system in session four. When using herbs as medicine, it’s important to note each individual’s reaction to herbs because of his or her skin sensitivity and digestive process. It’s not just a matter of popping herbal capsules and hoping for the best.

The last section in this course discussed stress and pain. Yes, there are some herbs that can help with these conditions, but looking at the causes of stress and pain holistically and developing better coping strategies was emphasized rather than just herbal application.

So what else does Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals offer? Oodles of herb stuff! 

Let’s start with the free stuff, my favorite. Periodically, there are free informative herbal webinars that you can attend! Yippee! The next one is in March, but I don’t see what the topic will be just yet. Then there’s loads of free herbal content. Who doesn’t want to improve their herbal understanding without paying a dime? 

Are you interested in growing your own herbs and making your own concoctions like I am? Then you should check out the Cultivating Herbs Bundle and the Herbal Preparations Bundle

To step things up a bit, there are some courses for the professional herbalist including the Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism Certificate Program and Nutrition for the Herbalist which begins in November. 

Are your kids interested in herbs? Then you should know that the Children’s Herbal School begins on June 15. What a great way to spend their summer productively!

So there you have it folks! Yet another fabulous herbal resource for those of you interested in herbs!


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