A Better Mousetrap at last!

Over the course of the last year, we have been plagued with mice both inside and in the back yard. Mice, of course, bring diseases, so we’ve also had more than our fair share of animal illnesses.

Kitty isn’t interested in chasing mice, but the Puppers have caught three large rats in the last month or so. There is even an owl that uses the background as a mini-hunting ground, which totally freaks out the Puppers.

Mice were still getting in the house, however, and causing a ruckus. I tried spreading lavender around as a deterrent but the mice just pushed it out of the way and carried on. So we tried some mouse traps. 

First we tried the sticky traps. Sure enough, mice were caught. Only it was icky to dispose of them and the traps only could be used once.

Then we put out the regular old spring traps baited with peanut butter. Again, we had moderate trapping success, but it was still icky to clean up.

In desperation, I ordered these humane mouse traps from Amazon. They came four in a set. We baited them with cookie bits. The first night we caught three mice. My son took them up the hill and released them into the wild. 

The second night, we caught three more. This time my husband bashed their little heads in. He said that they just come back if you don’t. The third night, we only caught two. My son got up extra early to run them up the hill before my husband got up.

These traps work so that once the mouse enters and moseys on down the tunnel to the food, it triggers the door to close behind it. The mouse still gets to eat the cookie and seems quite content to wait until it is released. My son said that the mice often give him a side-eye stare when he releases them before scampering off. 

I’m not sure how long this mouse trapping is going to last. Or if more mice will be executed or pardoned. I guess it depends on who gets up first in the morning. However, I’m feeling better about having fewer mice leaving poop trails on the countertop. Wouldn’t you be too?


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International Book Giving Day

Today is International Book Giving Day. Of course, the idea is to get books into the hands of children, but who says adults must be left out of the literary fun! 

So I’m giving away the ebook version of A Woman’s Survival Guide to Holidays in Mexico to anyone who wants it. You can just head to Amazon and pick it up! I’d be so grateful if you would leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads if you’ve already read the book. 

Take the time to enjoy a good book today!

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Pantry Shelves

I had a bee in my bonnet about more storage space in the kitchen. I mentally planned out several options before deciding that the entire wall could become shelving. It took some time to convince my husband that it indeed was possible and what’s more that it wouldn’t be a huge undertaking.

I was right. He finished it in about a week. We bought boards at the madereria (wood shop) which he sanded down, a few boards each day. Then he installed them and attached the entire shebang to the wall. After which, he and my son took turns with the stain. And VOILA! 

During the construction project, I also happened on these lovely tiered crates to store the fruit and give me just a little more counter space.

Both the shelving and the mini-crates also have the advantage of minimizing the food that the mice can get at. We’ve been having a bit of a mouse problem. More about that in a future post!

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