Roosters on the Roof

We have oodles of roosters currently. Six of the seven chicklets were gallos. Then somehow or other we had TWO quiquiriquis machos, that I called Alpha and Beta. Additionally, we had a regular-sized rooster who avoids the quiquiriquis like the plague, well mostly Alpha because he is a badass. 

Full-size rooster in my garden!

Anyway, the three grown roosters have decided in turn that my rooftop garden was a good place to hang out and poop. I am not pleased with this situation and take every opportunity to squirt them with the hose and flap my arms at them to get them to fly off. 

Then we need to talk about the noise factor. Contrary to popular opinions, roosters do not just crow at dawn. Rather, they start a call-and-return musical rendition whenever they feel like it. It could be 3 am or 3 pm. Not only do we have 9 roosters on our property competing for song dominance, but the two closest neighbors also have chickens who want to be the earliest songbird in town, which riles up ours and so it goes on and on.

Quiquirique Alpha in the bushes

Not all of the roosters have perfected a harmonious crow as of yet. Their off-key singing more often than not riles up the dogs. Fred starts with some howling. George comes in with the bass. And finally, Cocoa is the soprano of the group. This lasts for several minutes. Not to be outdone, the roosters start up again as soon as the dogs start. Over and over again, multiple times throughout the day. 

Last-minute update: Finally, three buyers later and our crooners are down to a manageable number. We still have one chicklet and the normal-sized rooster who is DEEE-LIGHTED to be the biggest cock in the compound. He reves up with a manly flapping of wings and let’s loose, now assured that no little quiquiriqui bully will clothesline him mid-crow.

3 of 6 chicklets


Enjoy the ongoing animal adventures of one family in central Mexico as they try to figure it all out in Animal Antics South of the Border


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New Book Release

I didn’t sound the trumpets when the second volume of Animal Antics South of the Border was published in December because I was busy working on other things. So I’d like to remedy that and make a bit of hoopla as I formally introduce Nervous Nellies and the Puppers: Animal Antics South of the Border to the general public. 

The animal hijinks continue in Animal Antics South of the Border book two. Ride along with the Flores family as they wrangle goats, sheep, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, and rabbits during the 2020 pandemic lockdown in central Mexico. From keeping the Grim at bay to raising Elvis’ love children, what could possibly go wrong on the ol’ homestead?

Click on the cover for a preview.

Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies: Animal Antics South of the Border also got a makeover. This was my first self-published book and it was in serious need of some editing. So that happened during the course of 2021 and a new book cover to boot!

These fascinating animal exploits begin when an ordinary family of three moves from the suburban U.S. to rural Mexico and buys a donkey. Over the course of a decade, their animal kingdom experienced oodles of triumphs and adversities. Who knew bananas, red rags, and phases of the moon have so much to do with livestock success? 

So if you’ve got a hankering for animal madness, then these are the books for you! 

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My New 2022 Planner

My artistic friend and personal illustrator, Claudia Guzes, gave me a 2022 planner when we met up for our children’s book series pow-wow in December. I didn’t notice until later that her artwork was on the cover. When I asked her about it, she said the company has contacted her about creating a design. And what a design it was. She illustrated Tonantzin, the mother of all and diety whose holy place became the place the La Virgen de Guadalupe first appeared.

I didn’t notice that Claudia had included this blog as part of her work description until later as well. She mentioned the book we’ve worked on together about Moroleon too. Cool beans! Anyway, the planner is awesome! I’ve already begun filling out my 2022 projects list. 

If you are interested in a uniquely designed 2022 agenda yourself, check out chacharitas.kraft on Instagram or Facebook and see what they have to offer!

Claudia is at the top left!


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