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Back to Basics Bundle

Remember last year, the Basic to Basics Living group hosted a FREE educative online summit?  Well, this year, they are offering an ebook bundle that I’m sure you’ll find useful!

I’m delighted to share the Back to Basics Bundle 2018 today.  The collection includes 53 authors, 59 ebooks, courses or videos and has a retail value of $529.85 available for a limited time at a 92% discount.  Get yours here.  Don’t wait!  This bundle is only available from January 17 to January 23.

Here are some of the fabulous items in the bundle:

Cooking (1)

Cooking (3).jpgCooking (2).jpgCooking.jpg


Cooking (5).jpgCooking (4).jpg

Cooking (7)


Cooking (6)

Remember, this bundle is only available until January 23.  To order, click here.




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The Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

I hope you were able to take advantage of the free components for this bundle that I highlighted a few days ago.  If not, there’s still time to register for the Live Simulcast.

For the next 8 days, the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is available here.  Unlike previous bundles, there are two options you can choose from, the mini-bundle and the full bundle.

The mini-bundle is, of course, less expensive.  With it, you can pick recipes & meal plans created specifically for the way you eat.  Are you interested in Budget Meals, Freezer and Batch Cooking, Gluten Free, Instant Pot & Slow Cooker, Keto, Paleo and Primal, (See Keto and Paleo diets for cancer patientsQuick Meals, Real Food and Clean Eating, Vegan, or Meal Planning tips?  Choose the mini-bundle option.

Do you want the entire collection of over 100 digital resources stuffed with 3,800 recipes and ready-made meal plans to help you de-stress mealtime, support weight loss goals, put more healthy meals on the table, and save money?  Then, choose the full bundle option.


Find out everything that’s included or get yours here  (but hurry – this bundle is only here for a super short time!)

Healthy Meal Planning



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The Benefits of Paleo and Keto Diets for Cancer Patients


Today, I’d like to share a guest blogger post from Virgil and the team at about the Paleo and Ketogenic diets, specifically their benefits for cancer patients.  While we here in La Yacata don’t follow a strict Paleo diet with corn featuring such a large part of our diets, we do consider ourselves more Paleo than we were in the US and certainly healthier as a result. Without further ado:

The Benefits of Paleo and Keto Diets for Cancer Patients

The paleo and ketogenic diets are more popular than ever before and for good reasons. They have been shown to be beneficial in a number of ways, from cutting out processed foods to helping people lose weight. Now, there is also evidence that these diets may provide important benefits for people living with and being treated for various types of cancer, like mesothelioma or lung cancer.

The Paleo Diet and its Health Benefits

The paleo diet has a pretty simple basis: don’t eat anything our Paleolithic ancestors wouldn’t have eaten. The Paleolithic was before agriculture, so that means no grains or dairy. Instead, on the paleo diet, you eat meat, game, poultry, fish, vegetables, seeds, fruits, and nuts. Although there may have been beans and legumes around 10,000 years ago, the paleo diet avoids these as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the paleo diet is that it relies on whole foods and eliminates processed ones. There is no vegetable oil on this diet, and no junk food or packaged foods. The elimination of dairy, grains, and beans is more controversial, but the idea is that 10,000 years is not a long enough time to have evolved to digest them properly.

Some of the known health benefits of the paleo diet include:

These can all be benefits for cancer patients, but there are more specific reasons to try the diet if you are battling cancer. The paleo diet is very low in sugar, which has been found in studies to negatively impact the survival rates of cancer patients. The negative effect is greater for any patients who are overweight, and the paleo diet can help with weight loss as well.

In another study, researchers actually found that some types of cancer cells, including squamous lung cancer cells, are highly dependent on sugar for growth. With less sugar, tumors may grow more slowly, which obviously benefits the patients.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is similar to the paleo diet. The idea is to eat fewer carbohydrates and more fats. The philosophy behind the diet is totally unrelated, but it ends up being very similar in terms of what you can eat. The idea of the diet is that eating more fat and fewer carbs forces the body into ketosis, a state in which it burns fat. On the keto diet you eat similar foods to the paleo diet, but also leave out potatoes and alcohol and you are allowed to eat dairy. The basic guideline is to consume 75 percent of your calories as fat, 20 percent as protein, and only five percent as carbs, although there are some variations.

The keto diet has been proven to be an excellent tool for weight loss, for improving sensitivity to insulin, and for reversing the course of type 2 diabetes. It has also been shown in research to reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and to reduce seizures in children who have epilepsy.

For cancer patients, there is evidence that the keto diet can be beneficial too. In animal studies, tumors shrank when the animals were fed a keto diet with restricted calories. In other studies specifically with cancer patients, the keto diet was found to enhance the effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, making them more effective.

There are few risks of trying the keto or paleo diets, as both are more healthful than the typical American diet. However, it is always important to speak to your doctor before making any drastic dietary changes. This is especially true for cancer patients. There may be some risks that you aren’t aware of and that your medical team can warn you about. You may also want to work with a dietician or nutritionist to get started to ensure that your diet is balanced and has adequate nutrients for you to heal and fight your cancer.




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The Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle Freebies

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so great at meal planning.  Pretty much every day, we get up, do the morning chores and then talk about possible options for dinner.  Since it often involves a trip into town, we try to decide before we leave the house.  Sometimes, we haven’t decided by the time we get to the carneceria (butcher) or even by the time we’ve circled back for the tortillas at the tortilleria.  Next year I’d like to improve the whole meal planning process.  So, I was delighted when I saw that the next available bundle was Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning and that it comes with free components, a 10-day Meal Planning Bootcamp AND 55 Tips for Stress-Free Cooking PDF AND a live Simulcast with 5 VIP Food Bloggers!

10 Day Meal Planning Bootcamp

Conquer mealtime stress & eat cleaner (in 20 minutes a day)

Looking for a way to take back dinnertime? Want to dial down the stress and amp up your families’ health? In this 10 day challenge, you’ll receive a quick meal planning lesson each morning along with a challenge for the day.

By the end of the Meal Planning Bootcamp, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to maintain better organization and healthier eating all year long. We’ll cover everything from planning, to pantry cleanouts, to the quickest-cooking veggie sides, to setting yourself up for success with batch cooking and freezer meals.

And seriously – set your timer! You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 20 minutes!

  • Signups begin Tuesday, December 26th @ 8 a.m. ET
  • Signups end Thursday, December 28th @ 11:59 p.m. ET
  • Challenge begins Saturday, December 30th @ 8 a.m. ET

Get the tools you need to feel less frazzled this Christmas. Dozens of top homemaking and meal planning experts share 55 of their best stress-reducing, sanity-saving kitchen, cooking and hosting tips, so you can breathe a little easier this year. Access your FREE pdf guide with all the tips here (and enjoy the season the way it was meant to be savored).

  • Signups begin Thursday, December 14th @ 8 a.m. ET
  • Signups end Saturday, December 23rd @ 11:59 p.m. ET

Be invited into the kitchens of 5 VIP food bloggers and learn practical tips for meal planning like a pro.

Whether you have a tight budget, aren’t sure where to even begin, or need to know which kitchen tools and appliances will make meals and planning even easier, you won’t want to miss this live, virtual Meal-Plan-Along event.

Festivities run from 4-7 pm EST, Wednesday, January 3rd. Grab your free spot to attend now!


The actual bundle isn’t out until December 30, so stay tuned for that.   As usual, it’s jam-packed with goodies!  Meanwhile, take advantage of the free PDF and Bootcamp  and Simulcast and start planning better in the New Year.


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