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Herbal Academy’s Summer School Workshops

It’s been a while since I’ve done a plug for Herbal Academy, but once you see what they have to offer this month, you’ll understand why I’m bringing it to your attention. 

Herbal Academy has THREE new and exciting summer workshops that will inspire you to keep your plant studies going strong all summer long. These workshops are short, sweet, and most importantly—fun! Each workshop comes with an optional companion product to enhance your herbal exploration.

Imagine for a moment:

  • Serving botanical mixed drinks at a summer cookout and soaking up the compliments while your friends and family marvel at how your herbal creations double as the star ingredients in your cocktail (or mocktail!) cabinet. 
  • Pressing natural herbs and flowers, walk into your beautiful plant press and then using the delicate pressed plants in your materia medica and summer craft projects.
  • Sipping on a refreshing herbal iced tea that you formulated yourself—tailored specifically to your tastes and featuring herbs that support your physical, emotional, or spiritual state.

Honestly, these sound like heavenly activities, but you know I’m a little obsessed with herbs anyway.

The Tea Blending 101 Workshop begins June 7. In this 3-part online workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start blending and brewing custom herbal tea blends at home today! 

The Flower Pressing for Herbalists Workshop starts on June 21. In this creative online workshop, you will learn how to press flowers, leaves, and other plant parts to preserve their color for years to come. 

There are 4 in-depth lessons, a handful of printable charts and graphics, detailed plant-pressing instructions and troubleshooting tips, 4 inspiring videos, and 5 hands-on craft projects, showing you the skills you need to weave botanicals into every aspect of your home—from your apothecary to your kitchen to your art collection. 

The Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop is available on July 5. You will learn everything you need to know to start making flavorful herbal drinks at home, explore the anatomy of a well-made mixed drink, discover easy ways to transform a cocktail into a mocktail and learn how to create a well-stocked bar with basic supplies and herb-infused essentials like Honeysuckle Liqueur, Wild Vermouth, Hibiscus Syrup, and Orange Bitters.

Each course is $45, but you can get all three and save $20 by purchasing the bundle! Act quickly, though. The bundle deal is only available from May 21 until May 31. 

Whatever you choose, celebrate summer right with herbs! I know I will be!

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September Herb Stuff

For the last time ever, Ultimate Bundles Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle is on sale for just two days. If you remember, this is the bundle that has my little herb book Traditional Mexican Herbal Remedies which includes 20 commonly used natural remedies, from squash, cultivated since 7000 BC, to lavender, brought by the Spaniards in the 1500s. This book is available exclusively through Ultimate Bundles.

But that’s not all! This bundle has 18 eBooks, 11 Courses, 6 Workbooks and Printables with a value of $797.84 for just $37. It’s only available September 8-9 so don’t wait! 

And if this bundle doesn’t quiet your urge for herbs, then hold on to your hat. Herbal Academy is having its Back to School Sale with sales up to 30% off site-wide. WHOOP! Learn to create your own perfume blends, forage for mushrooms and other wild edibles, try your hand at herbal fermentation or rebuild your strength in the holistic cancer care course, all from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, the  brand new Business Herbal Course has a pre-registration discount of $50 off tuition and an exclusive-access Business Bonus Portal featuring dozens of inspiring entrepreneurial resources and services, valued at $1500, until September 19. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of turning your herbal passion into a business, then this is the course for you!


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Business Herbal Course Giveaway

In celebration of the Herbal Academy’s most anticipated Business Herbal Course release the Herbal Academy is partnering up with the expertise and resources to help launch one special winner into their herbal business start up dreams with $12,000 in prizes! With one-on-one coaching services with Hawke Media, The Wildcraft Studio, Mrs. Barnes Photography Studio, and The Creative Cottage, one lucky entrepreneur will be well-equipped with an all-star team that will help bring your business ideas into reality!

On top of that, gain exclusive access to a year into an herbal entrepreneurship networking club; a 3-Year membership to The Herbarium; a VIP Pass into the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference; a $500 gift card to shop business start up herbs and supplies at Frontier Co-Op; a complete Website Legal Policy Template Bundle by Mariam Tsaturyan of Entrepreneur Legal Corner; a magazine subscription to the popular Entrepreneur Magazine…  and even more!

Entrepreneurs of all experiences, opt in to this pivotal Herbal Business Start Up Giveaway for a chance to kickstart your dream business. Just head to the link below (and stop back daily for more entries) for your chance to win this amazing collection of entrepreneurial prizes!

Go to the Giveaway

The Business Herbal Course pre-registration just opened with $100 off tuition (pre-registration sale offered only through August 22, 2021) and exclusive access to a $1,500 Business Bonus Portal.

The 37-lesson course is an in-depth, step-by-step guide complete with beautiful videos, charts, recipes, downloads, and more, to prepare you to create, grow, or nurture your entrepreneurial calling while saving you time, money, and frustration down the road. 

If you have a passion for plants and entrepreneurship, but have questions like these…

  • How do I turn my product ideas into formulations?
  • What are the regulations around making and selling my own herbal products?
  • How do I make sure my products meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations? 
  • How do I visualize and build my brand?
  • Where do I begin setting up a legal business? 
  • How do I set strategic prices for my retail products and wholesale collection? 
  • How can I harness social media to engage with my community and promote my business?

How can I harness social media to engage with my community and promote my business?
Rest assured, this brand new course by the Herbal Academy has you covered! In 7 units, explore all these pressing topics and a whole lot more to equip you with the tools to turn your heartfelt ideas into a satisfying and successful business – it’s all in the Business Herbal Course!

Click here to get $100 off the Business Herbal Course (plus $1,500 in bonuses!)


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