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September Herb Stuff

For the last time ever, Ultimate Bundles Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle is on sale for just two days. If you remember, this is the bundle that has my little herb book Traditional Mexican Herbal Remedies which includes 20 commonly used natural remedies, from squash, cultivated since 7000 BC, to lavender, brought by the Spaniards in the 1500s. This book is available exclusively through Ultimate Bundles.

But that’s not all! This bundle has 18 eBooks, 11 Courses, 6 Workbooks and Printables with a value of $797.84 for just $37. It’s only available September 8-9 so don’t wait! 

And if this bundle doesn’t quiet your urge for herbs, then hold on to your hat. Herbal Academy is having its Back to School Sale with sales up to 30% off site-wide. WHOOP! Learn to create your own perfume blends, forage for mushrooms and other wild edibles, try your hand at herbal fermentation or rebuild your strength in the holistic cancer care course, all from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, the  brand new Business Herbal Course has a pre-registration discount of $50 off tuition and an exclusive-access Business Bonus Portal featuring dozens of inspiring entrepreneurial resources and services, valued at $1500, until September 19. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of turning your herbal passion into a business, then this is the course for you!


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Garden and Sustainable Living Bundle Flash Sale

Although in many areas, the gardening season is well underway, here in central Mexico, we planted in June and the corn is just knee high to a grasshopper (or maybe a little taller). Rainy season has been, well, wet and things are green and lush. 

If you are like me, you are already looking forward to harvest and plotting how you might better improve your yield. Remember, we bought that lot and put up a wall this year, but didn’t get it finished in time for much planting. Between now and next growing season, my husband promises to have some raised beds for me to putter around in. WOOHOO! 

So I’m delighted that the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle is up for a flash sale July 29 and 30. For these two day, you’ll be able to get 12 eBooks, 6 eCourses, 7 Printables and Workbooks for under $25. 

Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle 2021

Looking at the breakdown of categories, there are 4 resources for getting started, 4 for planning, 8 devoted to growing food, and 9 resources on sustainability, which is the group I’m most interested in. The total value of this bundle is $582.80.

But wait, there’s more! If you purchase the Garden & Sustainable Living Bundle, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle too! AND that bundle includes my last herbal compilation Traditional Mexican Herbal Remedies, which is ONLY available through Ultimate Bundles. It includes 20 herbs, or rather 19 and miel sagrado (sacred Melipona honey) and their medicinal use by Mexican healers as well as scientific research on their effectiveness in treating a variety of ailments.

With the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle you’ll get 18 ebooks (including mine), 11 courses, 6 printables and workbooks, worth a total of worth $684.36 for $37. 

So if you’ve a hankering for gardening and herbs, this is the Ultimate Bundle combo for you! But remember, these are only available during the flash sale, so don’t dilly dally!

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The Writer’s Toolkit 2021

Recently I started the online course 40 Days to a Finished Book by Leonie Dawson, and so far, it’s amazing. Leonie is somewhat like SARK, whose book Succulent Wild Woman I enjoyed in my 20s, but Leonie isn’t PG-rated. She’s not above using some Australian crassness to keep her students focused on the goal–which in this course is to finish writing a book.

Although I have several books started, I decided to focus on a book designed for working women living in rural Mexico for this course. As you might know, there are some substantial obstacles to overcome to working in rural Mexico. Hopefully, the finished manuscript will help ladies find a way to make a living despite those challenges.

Normally this course is $199, but I got it as part of The Writer’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles. So for just $97, I have access to Leonie’s quirky motivation PLUS 38 more resources worth over $5,000. What a bargain!

If you are a writer or would-be writer, I can’t recommend the Writer’s Toolkit enough. It’s an excellent investment in yourself and only available from June 7-11, so don’t wait too long!

As a side note, my book Book Building: A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Your Book is included in the bundle, so you know it’s quality stuff!

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