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Back-to-School for Writers Bundle

Well, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get ANY writing done this summer. NOT A PAGE! Teaching summer sessions kept me occupied full-time every day (even days I didn’t teach because of lesson prep). But now that most students are heading back to in-person learning, I’m hoping to have a few hours each day to work on my passion (researching herb properties and writing about them). 

Along those lines, I have a goldmine of goodies for writers for you to browse this month.

The Back-to-School for Writers Bundle created by Stacy Juba, Emma Dhesi, and Kat Caldwell is a one-stop landing page with over 20 authors, editors, productivity experts, and book marketing experts giving away 30+ tips, tricks, worksheets, and ebooks for FREE. 

When the trio asked me to be a part of the Back-to-School for Writers Bundle, I jumped at the chance because I knew that you could benefit from these resources to help you finish your book in 2022. My contribution is my FREE e-course Is Self-Publishing for You?

Along with my listed FREE course, more than 30 other FREE resources are listed, all in one convenient location. So go ahead and browse, picking and choosing what you currently need to jump-start your writing this fall. 

This landing page will be available until September 10. It won’t cost you a cent to check it out, and you might find exactly what you’ve been looking for among these FREE resources. Let’s get back to writing, shall we?

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Writer’s Tools GALORE and Early Bird Bonuses

A few months ago, I launched Self-Publishing for Beginners via Teachable. My goal was to provide a resource for aspiring writers to learn about the ins and out of self-publishing without being overwhelmed. Well, much to my delight, one of my courses, A Beginner’s Guide to Book Marketing on a Budget, is included in Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack, and another, A Beginner’s Guide to Book Formatting, is part of the Ultimate Bundles’ 2022 Writer’s Toolkit. Both collections specifically tailored for writers are only available this week.

So let me break them down a bit.

Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack is on sale from June 7 – 12. This bundle includes lifetime access to 30+ premium bestseller-book-writing, smart-self-publishing tools, and resources PLUS 17 bonus resources like ProWritingAid, Scribophile Premium, Storiad, Dabble, Campfire, Nick Stephenson’s Nrdly For Authors website builder, and so much more.

If you pick up Write Publish Profit 5.0 BEFORE MIDNIGHT, you’ll save even MORE on this bundle with this Early Bird Discount. This limited-time Early Bird discount expires TONIGHT, Friday, June 10th at 11:59 pm EDT.

Ultimate Bundles’ 2022 Writer’s Toolkit is available from June 9 – 15. You’ll get 41 eBooks, eCourses, and printables on polishing your writing skills, growing your platform, and publishing your book worth over $4,000. Additionally, there are nearly $700 in bonuses. Take a look:

  • SocialBee – 50% off for 3 months – Worth $118.00
  • Nrdly – 30-day free trial + 3 bonus courses and 25% off your first annual or monthly payment – Worth up to $400.00
  • Eagles Wings Services LLC – 1 free coaching session for the first 25 redemptions and 25% off session redemptions after that – Worth up to $95.00
  • Writing Analytics – 90-day Extended Free Trial – Worth $27.00
  • Puro Co. – Focus Aromatherapy Blend- Worth $18.00 
  • SaneBox – $25 credit – Worth $25

And if you order today, you’ll get if you buy a Toolkit before tonight’s early bird bonus deadline, you’ll get a free 2-month trial to the Hope*Writers Community. (Value $94!)

Countdown Timer

I’m an affiliate contributor to both these amazing writing collections. So if you purchase through my affiliate, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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Día del Padre In Central and South America

In Mexico, Father’s Day (Día del Padre) is observed on the third Sunday of June, just like the neighbor to the north, the U.S. Other countries don’t move the date around and celebrate it on June 17th, no matter which day of the week it falls. Most countries in Central and South America follow the U.S.’s lead with the date, but there are some notable exceptions.

La República Dominicana coordinates Father’s Day with El Dia de San Joaquín, observed on the 26th of July. Brazil’s Father’s Day is later, observed on the second Sunday in August, but the choice of date is again related to St. Joachim. August 16th is the feast day for this venerable saint. According to Catholic tradition, Joaquín (or Joachim) was Mary’s father and, therefore, the grandfather of Jesús. He’s since been awarded patron saint status overseeing both fathers and grandfathers on their special day. 

Bolivia and Honduras go with el día de San José on March 19, as does Spain. José, although not the biological father of el Niño Jesús according to biblical records, nonetheless did the right thing by María and raised her son as his own. Thus, choosing this day is a nod to those who man up and raise children they may not be related to. 

Nicaragua celebrates Día del Padre on July 23rd with the auspicious title Día del Padre Nicaragüense. Uruguay celebrates a bit earlier in the month. There, Día del Padre is observed on the second Sunday in July, the beginning of winter break. 

As I’ve mentioned before, in Mexico, Día del Padre is not a huge event like Mother’s Day. However, typically there is a school event that dads are invited to since school is still in session. This event tends to be a bit more hands-on than the presentations and bailes tradicionales (traditional dances) mom gets to enjoy. There are often races and impromptu fútbol (soccer) games. 

And there we have it! Don’t forget to send a shout-out to your dad wherever he might be! SignedCards will send a handwritten sentiment to Dad for you! Check out the hundreds of card options at

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