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Back to Basics Living Summit Wednesday Highlights

day four

A good mix of Prepper / Homesteading presentations today!

Getting Started With a Solar Generator

As I’m still working on self-education regarding solar, this was a good video for me. However, I don’t want to make my own generator, so all that calculating went over my head.  I did get confirmation that solar is the way to go for what we plan on using it for and I learned that you can charge things with a USB cable on DC rather than AC electricity.

Physical Fitness and Self Defense Preparedness

This presenter is the author of several post apocalyptic fiction novels and a martial arts expert. She’s pretty tough.  I think I’d like her to be part of my bug-out team in the event of the end of the world.  Did you know that one of the best mental training activities is walking briskly over uneven terrain for 10 minutes?  Fortunately for me, La Yacata is all uneven terrain, so I’m doing pretty well in my pre-apocalyptic training program.

Year Around Gardening

This was a longish video since the presenter highlighted the best crops for year around gardening by planting zones. For our neck of the woods, (or rather desert), there weren’t too many take aways that were actually useful. Disappointing.

Making Mead

This guy had the smoothest voice.  He was all about making his own herbal, healthy beer in the form of mead.  Not that I’m going to be making mead anytime soon, but I loved listening to him.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was into this guy.  His video presentation came in #1 for today.

I did not get a chance to view Practical Guide to Using Mylar Bags for Your Long Term Food Storage or Keeping Backyard Livestock.  Phooey.  Tomorrow there are 8 presenters!  I’ll have to start earlier I think.

Remember, Thursday’s presentations are still FREE if you sign up here.  If you want to purchase full and unlimited access, you can do so here.

day five




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Back to Basics Living Summit Sunday Highlights

Remember how I said I’d share the highlights of the Back to Basics Living Summit?  Well, here is what I was able to view on Sunday!  Now, mind you, I didn’t watch the videos for every presentation, so if there is a particular presentation you’re interested in you can purchase access to the summit here.  There’s still time register to watch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday presentations FREE here.

day one

Intro to Canning Basics

I was particularly interested in this class and was not disappointed. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I canned with my mom pretty much the entire month of August.  But….that was a long time ago.  I wanted to see if canning would be a possibility for us here in Mexico since finding supplies is rather difficult. Provided I go with the water bath canner and not the pressure canner, I think it just might be doable.  From this video, I got a good list of supplies to research as to availability and price (including shipping).  I’ll let you know how that all pans out at a later date.

Never Buy Garden Seed Again–How Our Ancestors Had it Right

While I am already well informed about the issues with GMO seed and hybridization, it was nice to be validated by an expert.  This lady’s family has their own strain of bean that they have cultivated for over 100 years.  I think it would be pretty neat to be known as the Bean Lady.  Again, I picked up a few tips concerning seed saving and a few seed sites to check out to see if they ship to Mexico.  

How to Start a Homestead Hatchery Business

I didn’t finish watching this video because it was soon apparent that in order to be successful at hatching ducks and chicks, we’d need electricity.  As that has yet to be made manifest (although I’m not totally ruling it out as a future realization) no sense cluttering up the ol’ noggin with information that isn’t immediately applicable.

The Fundamentals of Frugality

This woman runs her meal planning with military precision.  In fact, she referred to being at war with the supermarkets and their ads.  Her idea of creating a meal plan for a week was something I need to ponder.  Right now, we start the day off with the question “What are we going to eat today?” But…..her menu list left something to be desired.  She proudly proclaimed that she could feed a family of 5 for $30 a week.  Much to my horror, her meals included Ramen noodles and hot dogs!  We certainly aren’t going down that road.  YUCK!  I’m sure I can figure out a way to plan our meals weekly without sacrificing freshness and organic goodness.  This presentation was the most popular for the day, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

I didn’t have time to watch Making Chevre Cheese or How to Make Vanilla Bean Infused Blueberry Jam, but they both sounded delicious!

Disappointed you missed such good stuff?  Purchase the full summit here to see Sunday’s presentations. FYI–it isn’t free but you do get unlimited access to all the presentations.

Stay tuned for Monday’s highlights.  Don’t forget—it’s not too late to register for FREE access!

day two



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Back to Basics Living Summit

I’m so excited!  I signed up to get the links for the FREE Back to Basics Living Summit hosted by Self-Reliant School that starts on Sunday!  You know I’m all about self-reliance and I’m even more psyched that it’s free.  There are 32 separate sessions spread over the next five days.

Just look at this line-up!

day one

day two.jpg

day three.jpg

day four

day five

Busy this week?  Won’t be able to attend the sessions?  You can also get the lifetime access super package so you can watch everything at your convenience.

Not interested?  Don’t worry. I’ll let you know about the presentations I attend in next week’s blog post.  But remember–it’s all FREE!

Sign up now for the Back to Basics Living Summit.





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