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La Curandera–A Fifth Reading

So after my mother-in-law’s death (See On Life and Liberty), I went for my third time to visit Chencha.

My husband and I arrived at 6:30 and waited until nearly 9 a.m. but we were the first two of the day. My husband went first. He asked about his work opportunities and his mother’s wallet. His egg came back slightly salted, nothing compared to the last time. And Chencha said after this cleaning (3 limpiezas) he should have more options in the way of work. Why he asked about the wallet is beyond me. We already knew that it wasn’t lost at the accident as it turned up later with all the identification, minus the cash of course. Chencha said that the wallet was taken at the hospital when my mother-in-law’s clothes were changed. Again, my sister-in-law L changed her clothes, not the nurses, so it’s obvious to me who emptied that wallet. It’s not important anymore because the money is gone. Chencha went on to say that his mother’s shadow will continue to be with her children until they realize that there isn’t anything they can do for her. There isn’t a way to bring her back, so they need to let her go. She suggested that the family go to Derechos Humanos (The office for Human Rights) in Celaya. I’m not sure if she saw that in that cards or was just giving some advice there, but it seems to be a good idea as there will be no justice here in Moroleón.

Candles are lit at the beginning of a cleansing period.

Candles are lit at the beginning of a cleansing period.

Chencha sold him a candle, la Divina Providencia, (The Divine Providence) and some double luck bath oils. Card Reading $50, Cleansing $50, Candle $40, Bath oils $100. ChanChing! My husband was supposed to mop the house with the bath water and then wash his hands with the little soap afterward. The candle was lit that evening and stayed lit until it burns out. (Get your own candle here Divine Providence (Divina Providencia)

Then it was my turn. She read the cards and said I will live a long time, that I was a good person but I get no credit or assistance of any kind for my efforts, and that I was very intelligent, however, everything that I tried this year had been a complete failure. Every business I started, after just a short time, closed. Then I start another one, and the same thing happens. (Which is true–Taco Express, the Crap shop, my teaching job at the school, and even my private classes had dramatically dropped off.) This is due, she assured me, not to any lack on my part, but that fact that someone was employing black magic against me for a task that I have that is only half complete. She said that I feel a little depressed and alone and frustrated, but that I have many ideas left to try. She told me twice not to lend money to ANYONE because I won’t get it back. I took this to mean my husband as well. She said the legal issue that involved me must be finished, that it will turn out for the benefit of many people, not just me. Of course, I expect this meant the lawsuit with Chuchi since if we win, more than 500 people will benefit and I may yet get electricity. (See Demanda 1 and Demanda 2) She encouraged me not give up, that this can be overcome, that I’ve suffered much since coming to México, but there was a purpose.

She sold me the same bath oils as my husband but not to mop the floor with them. I was to use a green cloth with the bath oils for money and a red cloth for personal relationships, wiping me and anything else that I wanted to have better luck with (like my wallet, my computer, my family etc.) Then she sold me an aromatherapy spray to counteract the black magic. She then told me to buy 2 prayer booklets, El Niño de Atocha and La Divina Providencia and to do both prayers nightly. They were novenas, 9-day prayers, similar to the prayers for the dead we had for my mother-in-law, (See La Novena) however La Divina Providencia is to help with finances and El Niño de Atocha is for a specific request. The spray also has a nice prayer where not just the user but all humans are included in the benefits requested.

Prayers to el niño de Atocha are made when a particular result is desired. The outcome you wish is included right in the novena session.

Prayers to el niño de Atocha are made when a particular result is desired. The outcome you wish is included right in the novena session.

The bath oils started on Monday, but the prayers and spray were for that evening. I tried to talk to my husband about this and he got angry and said that my things were for me and his things were for him and nary the two shall mix. I showed him that the novena (prayer) I had was for the candle he had and that we both had the same bath oils. I tried to convince him using an example of 2 burros in the field. If one burro goes in one direction and the other burro goes in the other direction the field will never get plowed. That, I said, was how we had been working. If we want to improve our finances as a family we had to work together. Then he said that he couldn’t work with me because we had different ideas. And I went back to the burro parable. Finally, he gave in and said maybe it would be ok for him to listen to the prayers, which are more like a little bible reading since I don’t know the hail Mary’s or ritual stuff. The first night’s reading was about the fish and the loaves that miraculously fed thousands, (Matthew 15: 32-38) which I thought very apt since my little bitty salary often was used to feed not just the 3 of us, but also my father-in-law and my 3 brother-in-laws that live in La Yacata since the death of my mother-in-law. She had been the breadwinner in her household.

Prayers to la divina providencia are made for financial favors with special emphasis on receiving each day our daily bread.

Prayers to la divina providencia are made for financial favors with special emphasis on receiving each day our daily bread.

We went again that Friday for a cleansing, which involved a little prayer for our continued existence, some herb branches swished about and the bad humors drawn out into an egg. And that is that.

This time, my father-in-law also went to see Chencha. She told him that he was being blamed for everything, but that he should fight this. She also told him that the accident was not an accident but had been provoked by a woman with long curly black hair who wore large earrings and had eaten at his table. He believes it might be a woman named Rosa from Cerano who bought a lot in La Yacata behind them. Perhaps envy sparked this “spell”. Chencha claims that this woman is now sorry to have done this thing, but it was a little late for sorries.

Five cleansings in and my father-in-law and my husband had clean, full eggs were ready to be “crossed” the next session, while my egg was still in pieces. Chencha gave my husband an amulet, a silver coin of no particular value, that if it turned brown indicated that someone was performing black magic against him.

I, however, was still embrujada (bewitched). The next cleansing came after the unexpected death of my friend el Maestro which affected me quite a bit. I asked if she would read the cards again, and she said that my husband was making my life very difficult in México and bad decisions. (This after a weekend where the police stopped him and relieved him of all the money he had earned during the week.) She told me not to give up and shook my hand, which I don’t ever remember her doing.

Finally, my egg came back clean, but things had already been starting to go my way. I had found some other classes and was feeling a bit better about life. She gave me an amulet to keep in my wallet full of stones to help with my finances.

I can’t say whether it was the cleansing or that the evil spell just ended of its own accord. Sometimes it just may be that we need someone else to tell us that it will be ok, to just hang in there. And so the curandera does have a place in this world I live in. Although I hope that I will not be in need of her services again anytime soon.



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La Curandera–A fourth reading

An example of a full cleansing by a curandera. The herb brush is passed around the body with prayers for cleansing.

An example of a full cleansing by a curandera. The herb brush is passed around the body with prayers for cleansing.

So nearly a year had passed since the last reading and my husband was all out of sorts about everything. He seemed to be in a deep depression. So I sent him to Chencha again. She told him that he didn’t have any motivation to do anything and that all he had been doing was sitting around the house. (true) Then she said he was fighting a lot with his family for no real reason. (true) That his wife was worried about him. (true) That animal husbandry wasn’t for him as his animals up and die. (true) And further that some female was trying to make he and I separate. (unconfirmed) When she passed the egg around him and cracked it, there was some sort of animal. Basically at this point, he was up shit creek without a paddle. So it was 9 sessions the full work up, and another reading for him.

Session 2 of 9–egg still dirty

Session 3 of 9–salty egg

And he gave up after that. It was taking too much time I suppose. He would get up at 5 am to stand in line. Numbers are given out starting at 7 am. The lower the number, the earlier you get in, but there was always a wait. Chencha now only saw people Tuesdays and Fridays. I think I mentioned before that my husband is not a patient man.

At this point, we decided to rent a local and sell tacos. He was hesitant about this but I kept insisting that it would be good. So gradually we got set up and ready to go. But before he would open, he went to see Chencha again. He only had her read the cards, no cleansing. She told him that if he rented the local for his business, it would start off slow, about 22 days of slow, but then would do well. He would have the opportunity to work for someone else (I am supposing his brother here) but that it wouldn’t be in his best interests to work for him. Something I told him as well. Anyway, she gave him a spray called Llama Clientes that he should spray around to attract clients. It smells like old lady. And she told him to buy red and white carnations to put in the business. This he did. But just like with the cleansing sessions, he gave up on the tacos too. (See Failing at your own business–Taco Express)



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La Curandera–A third reading

An egg is passed about the body in a cleansing, then cracked open into a water glass. Salt means the person is

An egg is passed about the body in a cleansing, then cracked open into a water glass. Salt means the person is “salada” or under bad mojo. Anything bloody in the egg means serious problems.

My husband went again, without me this time, in the hopes that…well I don’t know what he hoped for really, but he went.

My husband’s life was on the upswing this time. He asked about our son. Chencha said that he was corajudo (quite a handful) but in the future he would receive many benefits from him. And he asked about his wife, yours truly. She said that his wife was working tremendously hard for the family and that eventually we all would be in better shape financially, but he needed to be patient. And then she warned him that the enemy from before, a tall white man with big eyes, and a new enemy, a moreno (brown) man with freckles and glasses were hatching a plot and if he wasn’t careful he could end up in jail. So it would be better to not take any deals offered by those two.

Would you believe that two days later, A, his new best buddy who is brown, has freckles and wears glasses, drove up in a truck that he wanted to make the ‘deal’ of the century?

I tell you, Chencha is the real deal. But see, the thing is, I have repeatedly told my husband that A and the neighbor are up to no good, I don’t trust them because these deals aren’t all they are cracked up to be. I tell him for free. Furthermore, there isn’t anything surprising about me working so hard, nor our son being able to provide us benefits in the future. But some people only value advice they pay for.



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