La Curandera–A fourth reading

An example of a full cleansing by a curandera. The herb brush is passed around the body with prayers for cleansing.

An example of a full cleansing by a curandera. The herb brush is passed around the body with prayers for cleansing.

So nearly a year had passed since the last reading and my husband was all out of sorts about everything. He seemed to be in a deep depression. So I sent him to Chencha again. She told him that he didn’t have any motivation to do anything and that all he had been doing was sitting around the house. (true) Then she said he was fighting a lot with his family for no real reason. (true) That his wife was worried about him. (true) That animal husbandry wasn’t for him as his animals up and die. (true) And further that some female was trying to make he and I separate. (unconfirmed) When she passed the egg around him and cracked it, there was some sort of animal. Basically at this point, he was up shit creek without a paddle. So it was 9 sessions the full work up, and another reading for him.

Session 2 of 9–egg still dirty

Session 3 of 9–salty egg

And he gave up after that. It was taking too much time I suppose. He would get up at 5 am to stand in line. Numbers are given out starting at 7 am. The lower the number, the earlier you get in, but there was always a wait. Chencha now only saw people Tuesdays and Fridays. I think I mentioned before that my husband is not a patient man.

At this point, we decided to rent a local and sell tacos. He was hesitant about this but I kept insisting that it would be good. So gradually we got set up and ready to go. But before he would open, he went to see Chencha again. He only had her read the cards, no cleansing. She told him that if he rented the local for his business, it would start off slow, about 22 days of slow, but then would do well. He would have the opportunity to work for someone else (I am supposing his brother here) but that it wouldn’t be in his best interests to work for him. Something I told him as well. Anyway, she gave him a spray called Llama Clientes that he should spray around to attract clients. It smells like old lady. And she told him to buy red and white carnations to put in the business. This he did. But just like with the cleansing sessions, he gave up on the tacos too. (See Failing at your own business–Taco Express)



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