La Curandera–A third reading

An egg is passed about the body in a cleansing, then cracked open into a water glass. Salt means the person is

An egg is passed about the body in a cleansing, then cracked open into a water glass. Salt means the person is “salada” or under bad mojo. Anything bloody in the egg means serious problems.

My husband went again, without me this time, in the hopes that…well I don’t know what he hoped for really, but he went.

My husband’s life was on the upswing this time. He asked about our son. Chencha said that he was corajudo (quite a handful) but in the future he would receive many benefits from him. And he asked about his wife, yours truly. She said that his wife was working tremendously hard for the family and that eventually we all would be in better shape financially, but he needed to be patient. And then she warned him that the enemy from before, a tall white man with big eyes, and a new enemy, a moreno (brown) man with freckles and glasses were hatching a plot and if he wasn’t careful he could end up in jail. So it would be better to not take any deals offered by those two.

Would you believe that two days later, A, his new best buddy who is brown, has freckles and wears glasses, drove up in a truck that he wanted to make the ‘deal’ of the century?

I tell you, Chencha is the real deal. But see, the thing is, I have repeatedly told my husband that A and the neighbor are up to no good, I don’t trust them because these deals aren’t all they are cracked up to be. I tell him for free. Furthermore, there isn’t anything surprising about me working so hard, nor our son being able to provide us benefits in the future. But some people only value advice they pay for.



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