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Failing at your own business–Buy Me A Coffee Crowdfunding


So you know I like trying out different ways to make a bit of cash. And here’s my latest find. Although I warn you, I can’t imagine how this particular setup will make millions for you.

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Here are the basics.

Buy Me a Coffee is a crowdfunding platform for creators, artists, and writers. I’m a writer now with actual books, so I qualify! Fancy that. In case you didn’t know, you can find my currently available books listed here.

Here’s my Buy Me a Coffee page.

The idea is that instead of buying that overpriced Mocha Cappuccino Caramel Frappe today, you donate $3, $4, or $5 to the creative genius of your choice via Paypal.

Captura de pantalla (58)

You can also “purchase” exclusive material for the cost of the donation. Right now I have one section of the book I am working on available here.

I’ve set up a low-level goal of $15 just because I never seem to have any luck with crowdfunding efforts. And I’ve added the button to the sidebar on my page and Tumblr.

And that’s pretty much it. I know my current writing endeavors aren’t nearly as important as say the Guatemalan volcano survivor assistance project Genesis is doing here, but nothing ventured nothing gained right?



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Failing at your own business–Blogging

Reposted as a guest blogger at Writers Bra.

You’ve all seen the headlines “Make money blogging” “Become a millionaire blogger” “Quit your job and blog the day away.” Well, as with all too good to be true schemes, making incredible amounts of money with your blog is realistically not doable for average folks. That’s not to say that there aren’t bloggers out there who found the magic formula and made lots of money blogging. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be books or courses showing you how (and making money for their authors). Unfortunately, I’m average folks and this is how monetizing my blog is going for me. (Spoiler alert–read the title of this post again)

So what is the magic formula?  Problogger reveals all:

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Start creating useful content
  3. Get off your blog and start finding readers
  4. Build engagement with the readers that come
  5. Start making money from the readership you have through one or more of a variety of income streams

Provided you’ve achieved steps 1-4, it’s time to start thinking about monetizing your blog. Here’s a list of income generating ways to consider. Some I’ve tried, some I plan to, and some are just not for me.

Advertising Income

The easiest way to add advertising income is to apply for Google Adsense.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see areas where Google Adsense will place appropriate ads.  I don’t have to do anything but attract readers.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I have a privacy policy and an About page with a way to contact me.  (See also 12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense)

Other advertisers include Infolinks, BidVertiser, and Medianet.

Affiliate Income

I also use affiliate income. With these types of link, if someone clicks and buys a product during that session, I earn a commission on the sale. I link to Amazon and Amazon Mexico products in my posts and include links to a variety of products that I think my readers would be interested in through FlexOffers and ShareaSale.

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

I have yet to earn any money through the last two sites but there are a lot of great companies listed!

I had an astore through Amazon as well, which listed products that I thought people considering moving to Mexico would find useful. This had been the most profitable option for me. In 2016 I earned almost $20. I know, I know. I’m rolling in the big bucks. However, mid-way through 2017, Amazon decided to shut the program down. So much for that!

amazon earnings 2016

I have also signed up for Zulily and G Suite affiliate programs. I’m always on the lookout for other companies that I think might be useful for my readers.

(See also The Ultimate Guide to making money with the Amazon affiliate program and 10 popular affiliate programs for small and medium sized blogs)  

I have added a disclaimer on all my affiliate link pages to satisfy legal requirements.  (For more information on this requirement see Best Practices: Blogger Disclosure Examples and Tips)  

With ads and affiliate links as additions to my posts, I’ve opted for readability over prominent ad placement. I probably sacrifice earnings, but my readers come to my blog to read my stuff, not shop. If they happen to see a link or ad that appeals to them and I earn a commission, well, that’s great too.


Some blogs organize conferences to add to their income. One of my favorite blogs Raising Miro organizes World schooling summits and Teen Learning retreats.  This isn’t something I do right now, but maybe in the future?  Who can say?

Memberships and services

Other blogs offer paying memberships. Internations.org has a free version and an upgraded version.  For a yearly fee, you are entitled to use other services not permitted to the free loaders.

Other sites offer personal coaching or access to special lists and exclusive deals. I don’t know what I would offer paying readers that would differ enough to make it worth their while. I have mentioned that I’m available for certain jobs (See Failing at your own business–web design) but have yet to earn any money from readers contacting me.

Selling Products or Promoting a Business

My friend at ChildOrganics.com had an online business selling organic baby products for years.  She moved to a more informative setup and no longer sells those products but it was a major source of income for her family for quite some time.  I’ve started my writing career along with illustrator Claudia Guzes (who sells her artwork) with my first e-book.  I hope to add a whole series of e-books to my name in the near future.  I’ve promoted business as well, not that I receive a commission on that, but perhaps someday. (See Modern Day Marias–Maggie the provider and Modern Day Marias–Nicole the Liberator).  I like to think I’m paying it forward.

Courses are another way to offer a virtual product that will keep providing income.  I’ve highlighted a few that I particularly on my Finding your Passion page.

Asking for donations and Crowdfunding

I’ve seen bloggers asking for donations on a variety of sites.  However, I have taken my donate button off because Paypal does not allow for donations to any organization except non-profit.  I also had a crowd funding option (Indiegogo) to receive donations for La Yacata (See Generosity) which I removed, mostly because after a year I hadn’t received a cent.  I’ve heard about this option doing well for some people.  Unfortunately, I’m not some people.

Syndicating content

I have used syndicated content for one of my guest bloggers Jamie Miranda.  I asked permission to use her original blog post on my site with a link back to her blog.  I do not pay my guest bloggers, but appearing on my site does increase SEO for the original blogger.  Apparently, there are paying gigs out there for syndicating content.  (For more information See The 101 on Content Syndication: Who, What, Where, When and Why)

Reviewing Products

I’ve just begun my venture into reviewing books for pay.  You can read all about that here)  Although I have yet to make any money doing this, I have high hopes.  If other products come my way for review that would appeal to my readers, I’d be interested as well.

Become a professional blogger

If you love blogging, there are people out there who will pay you to write their blogs.  This isn’t a feasible option for me as I can barely get out my own posts in a timely manner.  I’ve got too much else going on.  But….it’s an option. (See How I Make $5,000 a Month as a Paid Blogger)

Selling the blog

If you’ve established a successful blog that you no longer wish to pursue, instead of just letting it languish away quietly, sell it.  You’ll get a better price if you’ve done everything legally by the book (no copyright infringements, adequate disclosures, etc).  (See also Signs You Could Sell Your Blog and Make Money)

There you have it, folks! The recipe for successful monetization of your blog. Have I missed anything? Let me know.




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Since the last negative response of the community members of La Yacata, the mesa directiva (community board) has been taking a hiatus from all work projects. We continue to register owners and issue new property certificates and answer questions when folks show up at our doors, but any and all community planning has been put on hold.

It’s time to get back on that pony, though.

Those of you who have been following our little revolution in La Yacata now that our current situation is bleak. Residents and would-be residents have lost hope. La Yacata has once again been abandoned. Construction and dreams have been deferred–until such time as there is electricity. So, it’s time to figure out just how electricity can be obtained.

Recently, I have been investigating solar power options for our home. It hasn’t been easy. I know so little about the process that I’ve had to flounder about a bit in my search for information. Well, I finally found someone willing to take the time to answer my questions and analyze our particular situation. A big hooray for Frank at Frank O’Grady Solar for that!

Based on the information that I have gleaned, it is our goal to have a basic solar powered setup in our home before the end of 2016. With a functioning setup, we would be able to educate the current residents about their options with this type of electricity.

The issue that remains is the cost of a system, $5,000 USD and up, depending on the quality and capacity of the setup. As you know, nearly all of our community members are campesinos (farmers) and with the cost of living as it is, are barely making enough to survive day to day. Many of our older community members have already transferred ownership of their properties in La Yacata to their children and grandchildren, in the hopes that their investment will pay off, not in their lifetime, but in their children’s lifetimes. Really, it’s a sad commentary about the speed of progress in our area.

It is my intent, therefore, to set up a fund for the community that would enable residents to install a solar powered system and live more comfortably in La Yacata now, not at some distant future date. The fund would be available to community members already living in La Yacata first since their need is more pressing, but then would be opened to those who agree to take up residence. The recipients would be able to arrange a flexible and extended payback schedule so that other community members would be able to make use of the funds.

Oh, don’t worry about those less than savory neighbors. I’ve become quite an expert during my time as treasurer for La Yacata on the use of the pagare (promissory notes)and the Ministerio Publico just in case one of our screened and approved beneficiaries decide they don’t need to repay so that others can benefit.

Here’s where you can help. When making out your Christmas list this year, why not add La Yacata? When figuring out your charity donations for the end of the year tax credit, why not consider La Yacata?

But, you might ask yourself (or me) why should I donate?

There really isn’t any reason why you should. After all, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and it’s important to look out for your own, not some strangers thousands of miles away. However, if you do decide to donate, even a little bit, the residents of La Yacata that this program would benefit, including my family, would be ever so appreciative.


for personal reasons–

**in memory of my mother-in-law who died before her dream of electricity was realized

**so that my son doesn’t need to light a candle to continue his studies

**to eliminate the trip to town my father-in-law makes on his bicycle to charge his phone

**to make up for those care packages you never did around to mailing

**because you know me personally and are convinced of my integrity and determination and furthermore know I would never ask if I could do it myself


for public reasons–

**to help create an environmentally-friendly self-sustainable community

**to make a political statement

**to reduce the high incidence of night-time theft in La Yacata

**for the families that continue to pay rent, year after year, instead of investing in the future

**just because it’s a good thing to do

So now that I’ve given you a few reasons to donate, here’s how it works.

I’ve set up a fundraising account at Generosity by Indiegogo. If you haven’t heard of Generosity, it’s a fundraising community for personal and social causes. You’ll be able to see other worthy causes at this site as well, in case you feel like giving even more this holiday season.

Update:  After a year of inactivity, I have deleted the fundraiser.  

Please share this information as far and as wide as possible.  Locally we are at a standstill.  Perhaps globally we can advance.



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