Questionaire for La Yacata revolution

Mountains of paperwork and no appreciation makes being a member of the mesa directiva in La Yacata, pesada (cumbersome).

Mountains of paperwork and no appreciation makes being a member of the mesa directiva in La Yacata, pesada (cumbersome).

As I wrote in the last Revolution update, I was fed up with the general attitude expressed by the Yacata colonos (community members) and had decided to work on my serenity and my plans for a solar powered system instead of all this horse poop. So I wrote my letter of resignation and sent it to Super Prez. However, before I could comfortably throw in the towel, there were a few things that I wanted to finish up.

With the light at the end of the tunnel in mind, I organized the padron (property owner list) into colonias (neighborhoods) and sent out avisos (announcements) to every single one with the date and time of their appointment in SuperPrez’s office to fill out their encuesta (survey). With approximately 450 property owners, scheduling appointments every 15 minutes from 10 am to 2 pm Monday thru Saturday, it took 3 weeks. Each Saturday, my husband delivered the avisos for the upcoming week and SuperPrez had his secretary come into the office instead of where he had her working on a job site, to receive the people. Quite a bit of effort to say the least.

However, after 3 weeks, there was a grand total of 60 surveys completed. Those 60 surveys actually totaled 93 lots, with the addition of SuperPrez’s lots, made a grand total of 33% of all property owners. Disgruntled but determined to finish up, I then compiled the results and sent them on to SuperPrez for consideration.

The survey had 6 questions. Each question had a yes or no box to check and a space for open comments. Here is an English version of the questions and the overall response of the 60 community members who took the time to complete the survey.

Are you aware that since the formation of the current mesa directiva (which is SuperPrez, me, the secretary G. and the 3 vocales (underlings)) the main objective has been to regularize our community and complete the urbanization projects that are necessary? Yes 56 No 4  Why? I go to the meetings.

Are you aware that the only way to get escrituras (property titles) for the lots in La Yacata is by completion of all the urbanization projects in the community? (i.e. water, electric, sewer, pavement, sidewalks)?Yes 55 No 5 Why? It’s the law.

Are you aware that the costs of all of the urbanization projects in the community are the responsibility of each of the property owners in the community? Yes 55 No 5 Why? It’s a private community.

Are you aware that the urbanization already in place in La Yacata must be done again because they do not meet current code requirements and must be done as defined by law in order to get property certificates?Yes 48 No 12 Why? They were done wrong.

Are you in an economic position to begin making monthly installments in order to begin the urbanization of the community? Yes 19 No 41 Why? No work.

Do you have any suggestions about the monthly installments needed in order to complete the urbanization of the community?Yes 24 No 36 Why? Longer period to pay.

Two of the 60 survey participants marched into SuperPrez’s office and carried on a bit saying that SuperPrez is making illicit deals with the Presidencia (town hall) and this is all just a ploy to take their money. Whatever.

It seemed with these results, there would be no advancement with our plans for development. SuperPrez came to chat the evening before the junta (community meeting) and basically said the same. He was also annoyed that after all the time, money and effort we had put into this during the last 2 years, we had such little support from the community members. (Rateros–Really?) We speculated that perhaps the majority of those who had bought lots in La Yacata never had the intention of habitation. (See Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, No Honor among thieves) Perhaps they thought of it as a get rich quick scheme, buy low, sell high. We decided to give them the option of electing other representatives in our place. Seems like what the majority wanted after all.  Until tomorrow morning then…




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