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The History of Moroleon for Kids in Paperback and Other End-of-year Improvements

The History of Moroleon for Kids is finally available in coloring book format! It took forever and a day because I had such a hard time formatting it. However, that long editing process resulted in uncovering more information about Moroleon, Guanajuato and the inclusion of some activities in addition to the coloring pages. 

There’s a delay between when I publish a book and when it’s available to be shipped to Mexico, so I haven’t received my proof copies yet. That makes me a bit nervous to announce its availability since I haven’t seen the final version, but online anyway, the book looks fine. 

In other news, I’ve redone Surviving Mexico’s home page. If you haven’t taken a look at it lately because you get your update from me delivered directly to your inbox, you should! I’ve tried to make the site easier to navigate with the dropdown menus but I’m sure I’ll probably keep tweaking things as I go along since there’s a learning curve to all this technical stuff. 

I’ve added an About the Author page with an interview with me! The About Our Lives page now has the video my son made a few years ago about La Yacata. That was fun to rewatch.

Anyway, these items were the last of my yearly Improvements. Stay tuned for a recap of how my 2020 goals panned out (or didn’t).

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New Releases by Surviving Mexico

April quarantine left me feeling like I didn’t get anything done, so I’m delighted to say that I did do some things during May that resulted in a finished book, Book Weaving: How to Create a Story Tapestry From Your Blog Threads

ebook cover

Click on the image for a preview!

It’s designed for bloggers who want to make something tangible from their blog posts. I’d love feedback from anyone who has some thoughts on how I could make the information more interesting or if there are gaps in the material provided on how to structure a book. 

I’m offering the eBook for free for the next few days, so be sure to get your copy from Amazon.

herbal cover

I’d also like to remind everyone that the eBook version of Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico is now available for download for those of you that purchased it as a pre-order. I had to wait until the Ultimate Bundles Herbs & Essential Oils bundle was finished before I could offer it on Amazon. The eBook version is a fraction of the price of the paperback version, so you’re getting quite a deal!

I’m working on a three-book series about self-publishing this month, so look for that announcement in the (hopefully) near future. Meanwhile, gardening is going well, those quarantine projects are slowly coming along, and we have our fingers crossed the rains will begin soon! 


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2019 End of Year Recap

Where did 2019 go? I had some amazing experiences, including several firsts, this year that just made time fly by. Allow me to recap my adventures briefly, if you would.

In January, I chose the word ORGANIZE as my one-word description. I won’t say that I was uber-organized this year despite my 5-year calendar and my blogging planner, but I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as often and that’s saying something because look at all I accomplished this year! 

Early in the year, I took on another content writing job. Some weeks I find the topics tedious, but other weeks, they are not so bad. It certainly helped keep my income up since I cut back on my online teaching hours considerably. I also started reviewing books for Reedsy Discovery and have been enjoying that experience as well. 

I most certainly stretched myself beyond my comfort zone in 2019. I submitted my Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico book to the Ultimate Bundles people and was accepted. I participated in my first podcast with Expat Mama Kimberlee Thorne-Harper. I also became an online presenter for the Work Freedom Summit. 

I created two online courses on CourseCraft. Surviving Voluntary Exile: Overcoming Common Obstacles to Making a Successful Life Transition and Book It: Everything You Need to Know to Publish Your Book on Amazon.

I reworked both the One-Year Blogging Planner and the International Event and Special Occasion List. I compiled a book edition of Surviving Voluntary Exile: How to overcome common obstacles to making a successful life transition and created a journal A Woman’s Survival Journal: A Guide for Making the Most of Your Life in Mexico.

I was able to get a fourth and final solar panel for our home, new glasses for myself and my son, and a motorcycle with my hard earned coins this year. My son and I were also able to spend a month with my family and friends in Pennsylvania and meet a long-time online BFF which wouldn’t have been possible without the online work I’ve found. Red and Terry joined the Flores Ranchito. And my son passed algebra 2 in his online classwork. 

Of course, not everything was peachy keen. I didn’t finish all the projects I began this year. My son is finding geometry challenging and may need to retake the course. I wasn’t able to visit my friend in Tennessee even though I really wanted to. I still have chronic health isssues and so do my parents. Our Puppy was poisoned and our hearts are still aching because of that. We didn’t have a bumper crop of goats. The crops didn’t do well and feeding the animals through the dry season is difficult. 

Overall, though, the good outweighed the bad in 2019 and I am grateful. How was your year?


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