The History of Moroleon for Kids in Paperback and Other End-of-year Improvements

The History of Moroleon for Kids is finally available in coloring book format! It took forever and a day because I had such a hard time formatting it. However, that long editing process resulted in uncovering more information about Moroleon, Guanajuato and the inclusion of some activities in addition to the coloring pages. 

There’s a delay between when I publish a book and when it’s available to be shipped to Mexico, so I haven’t received my proof copies yet. That makes me a bit nervous to announce its availability since I haven’t seen the final version, but online anyway, the book looks fine. 

In other news, I’ve redone Surviving Mexico’s home page. If you haven’t taken a look at it lately because you get your update from me delivered directly to your inbox, you should! I’ve tried to make the site easier to navigate with the dropdown menus but I’m sure I’ll probably keep tweaking things as I go along since there’s a learning curve to all this technical stuff. 

I’ve added an About the Author page with an interview with me! The About Our Lives page now has the video my son made a few years ago about La Yacata. That was fun to rewatch.

Anyway, these items were the last of my yearly Improvements. Stay tuned for a recap of how my 2020 goals panned out (or didn’t).

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