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Cinco de Mayo Book Bonanza

Do I have a treat for you today! TWELVE FREE BOOKS! Yep! That’s right. Not only can you get my own humble offering if you haven’t already, La Yacata Revolution: How NOT to Buy a Piece of Heaven in Mexico, but 11 other great reads! 

I’m never one to say no to some free books! What are you waiting for???

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Self-Publishing 101 Webinar

Fellow author Mima suggested to the folks at PEI Writers’ Guild that I was the perfect candidate to teach their course Self-Publishing 101. So through her connection, it has come about that yes, I’ll be teaching this LIVE webinar on May 19th. 

I set to work on preparations in my typical overachieving manner and produced some handouts, did a full presentation, and have been running over what I want to say so much that I’ve been dreaming about it.

Don’t think that this LIVE webinar doesn’t set my stomach a-fluttering. What if I speak too fast? What if I stumble over my words? What if the internet goes out in the middle of it? AAHHH! What if I get a huge zit on my nose that morning? The list of things that could go wrong is endless. But I’ve committed and come hell or high water, by golly, I’m going to teach this class!

So if you have ever entertained the notion of self-publishing, I invite you to join me for the PEI Writers’ Guild – Self-Publishing 101 course on Wednesday, May 19th and find out the nitty gritty. I could use the moral support!

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Moving to Mérida: How to Successfully Move to Mexico As a Family by Cassie Pearse

Moving to Mérida: How to Successfully Move to Mexico As a Family by Cassie Pearse is one family’s story of transitioning from the U.K. to the Yucatan. The author addresses safety and legal issues, schooling, shopping, and medical care, the top concerns any family has when moving to Mexico. The appendix adds detailed information from the author’s husband about the process of applying for residency and buying a car, both potentially frustrating experiences.

Moving to an expat haven like Mérida is not without its difficulties. The author does a great job talking about some of the best ways to handle certain situations that arise. There is even a section which breaks down the yearly costs of an average family of 4, an extremely helpful bit of information. 

There were just two points that I think could have been made clearer. The author states that permanent residents can not own property, which is not exactly true. Permanent residents can own property as long as it is not in the restricted zone, within 50 kilometers or approximately 31 miles from the coastline or 100 kilometers from the border. This book focuses on Mérida which is in the restricted zone. So yes, permanent residents can not own property without a bank trust (fideicomiso) in Mérida, but in other areas have that right just like any Mexican citizen. 

The other item that I thought could have been expanded upon was healthcare. Residents or their employers pay a fee for IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) services. However, many areas also offer INSABI (Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar), which is the national healthcare plan. INSABI is free and available to permanent and temporary residents. I agree with the author that private insurance is probably the best bet if you can afford it, though. 

Other than those, Moving to Mérida: How to Successfully Move to Mexico As a Family by Cassie Pearse is a great read. The writing is witty and honest. The information is useful and current. So if you are even thinking of moving to Mérida, then this is a must-read book for you!

You can read more about Cassie Pearse here and about her blog Mexico Cassie here.

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