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Calling Myself Home: Living Simply, Following Your Heart and What Happens When You Jump by Robin Rainbow Gate

There were several things that resonated with me personally in the memoir Calling Myself Home: Living Simply, Following your Heart and What Happens When You Jump by Robin Rainbow Gate. Although I didn’t have her more privileged childhood, I too, heard the call to Mexico and found myself home in this rural, brilliantly colored land. 

The author studied herbal lore extensively, learning at the feet of some amazing herboleras (herbalists) on both sides of the border. The book thus is divided into sections that coincide with the concept of the Medicine Wheel, as understood by the Native Americans and Mexicas. 

There is considerable time devoted to the author’s childhood and early memories. At first I was frustrated, ready to get to the journey in Mexico. However, as I read, I realized that in order to understand how the author came to be where she was, it was important to see where she had been. 

The author’s life as she settled and embraced Mexico was as fulfilling as you’d expect. She described her wanderings in mountain villages, frustrations with a new way of learning, experiences with unknown sights, sounds, and tastes and her gradual growth as a person as a result of these things. 

Delightfully, at the end of the book, there are self-reflection questions so that the reader too can devise a plan to live life more fully. Honestly, there aren’t many women who would or could follow in the author’s footsteps. However, we each have our own path to follow, some of which cross the mountains and deserts of Mexico. The questions provide an excellent starting point for anyone looking for a more authentic life. Perhaps you’ll too find Mexico calling.

Click here to read more about Robin Rainbow Gate.

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Celebrating International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day has been around since 1967. It is observed on April 2, in honor of Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. I don’t know about you, but I loved books since I was a child. Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, which many Disney movies are based on, were particularly dark. The Little Mermaid certainly doesn’t have the same ending, that’s for sure.

Another book that I loved was I’m in Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor. The wildness of that story reminds me so much of my life now in La Yacata. Perhaps, unconsciously, I strove to replicate it in crafting my middle-aged life? Who knows.

As a mother, my favorite children’s book was Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. It makes me sob. My son didn’t like me to read it to him. Go figure. In fact, I’m crying just thinking about it.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein was one of my favorite’s as a teacher. I read it to my classes in English and in Spanish when we talked about the environment. It certainly got a mixed bag of reactions from my students!

Travels with Grace by Erma Note is my latest children’s book read. Erma Note will be featured in a few days on Content Creative for the A to Z Virtual Book Tour. Be sure to check that out on April 16!

My own contributions to the world of children’s literature are not as spectacular as these that left a lasting impression on me growing up. However, I hope that children with parents or grandparents from our town will cherish them. So in honor of International Children’s Book Day both La Historia de Moroleón para Niños and The History of Moroleon for Kids ebooks are on sale for 99 cents from April 2 until April 6.

What are your favorite children’s books?

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Gifts For Reading Addicts

Recently I signed up to become an affiliate for the UK company For Reading Addicts. With Amazon’s drop in the “goodness” ranking (at least in my book for unscrupulous employee policies, price gouging, and paying no taxes on a business that generates trillions of dollars for its owner), I thought I’d look for alternatives when it comes to shopping online this holiday season.

I’m bringing this delightful bookaholic site to your attention so far in advance of the typical gift giving season because many of the products (get this!) are made to order and as such take longer than mass produced items.

Just look at this hooded blanket, for example. It’s hand cut and sewn when you order which adds a processing time of up to 10 days. It comes in adult and youth sizes. The edges are embroidered. The interior is ultra-soft polyester. Don’t tell me you can’t imagine yourself curled up in this beautiful blanket!

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your life? No matter the age or size (twin to California king), cover your bed with the house of your choice, the Marauder’s Map or a collage of book covers.   

That’s just a little sample of all the drool-worthy items sure to please any book lover at For Reading Addicts. There are book lights, bedding, home accessories, clothing, totes, coloring books, face masks, shoes, coffee mugs, and more! There are Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day themed products plus items featuring 13 book or book series. I’ve recently become obsessed with Outlander and was thrilled to find a whole section devoted to this time-traveling romance series. There’s even a section in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Other thematic items include:

So there you have it! An amazing place to order the perfect gift for any book lover this holiday season. With worldwide shipping, a money back guarantee, and guaranteed quality, and secure online shopping, what more could you ask for?

 What alternatives have you found to Amazon?


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