2021 A to Z Blogging Challenge Recap

In April, I participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge again. This year I opted to highlight women writers. I thought I’d share the list so you wouldn’t miss out on this amazing list of ladies who have taken up the challenge of the mighty pen if you don’t follow me at Content Creative. I hope you enjoy the recommendations. I know I did! There are a wide variety of genres represented in this list. I added a few more books to my to-read pile, and reviewed some others.  

Carmen Amato 

Gail Baugniet 

Christina Lynn Lambert 

Daryl Devoré

C.E. Flores

Sarah Flores

Robin Rainbow Gate 

Kimberly H. Smith 

Judy King 

Kate Larkindale 

Leigh Ann Thelmadatter 


Erma Note

Nicole Salgado 

Cassie Pearse 

Monique Alvarez 

Laura Roberts 

Sahara Roberts 

Beverly Wood 

Lynda Lock 

Janett Zizumbo 

Any thoughts on topics for next year’s A to Z Challenge?

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