Back to Basics Living Summit Wednesday Highlights

day four

A good mix of Prepper / Homesteading presentations today!

Getting Started With a Solar Generator

As I’m still working on self-education regarding solar, this was a good video for me. However, I don’t want to make my own generator, so all that calculating went over my head.  I did get confirmation that solar is the way to go for what we plan on using it for and I learned that you can charge things with a USB cable on DC rather than AC electricity.

Physical Fitness and Self Defense Preparedness

This presenter is the author of several post apocalyptic fiction novels and a martial arts expert. She’s pretty tough.  I think I’d like her to be part of my bug-out team in the event of the end of the world.  Did you know that one of the best mental training activities is walking briskly over uneven terrain for 10 minutes?  Fortunately for me, La Yacata is all uneven terrain, so I’m doing pretty well in my pre-apocalyptic training program.

Year Around Gardening

This was a longish video since the presenter highlighted the best crops for year around gardening by planting zones. For our neck of the woods, (or rather desert), there weren’t too many take aways that were actually useful. Disappointing.

Making Mead

This guy had the smoothest voice.  He was all about making his own herbal, healthy beer in the form of mead.  Not that I’m going to be making mead anytime soon, but I loved listening to him.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was into this guy.  His video presentation came in #1 for today.

I did not get a chance to view Practical Guide to Using Mylar Bags for Your Long Term Food Storage or Keeping Backyard Livestock.  Phooey.  Tomorrow there are 8 presenters!  I’ll have to start earlier I think.

If you want to purchase full and unlimited access, you can do so here.

day five



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