Back to Basics Living Summit Thursday highlights

day five

Today was the final day for the Back to Basics Living Summit and there were 8 presenters.  Being short on time today, I was almost relieved to see that I wasn’t really interested in all the courses.  I did view 3 and was pleased with all three.

Making Herbal Medicine

The presenter was a vet, so he’s tried hiss herbal remedies on the furrykind with great success.  However, he did start his presentation with quite a disclaimer.   Be that as it may, he actually didn’t give any herbal medicine recipes in the video.  He did provide some good pointers for harvesting and preserving.  He talked about making teas, decoctions, cold infusions, tinctures, glycerites, oil infusions, pills, and poultices.

Introduction to Preserving Herbs for Winter Use

This woman talked exclusively about different ways to preserve herbs (as the name of the course implies). Being off-grid and old-school myself, I tend to go for the old-fashioned hanging to dry method. She demonstrated a really nice hanging dryer that I’m putting on my wish list. She also talked about making herb butter, seasonings, teas, jellies, layering in salt or sugar, and freezing.

Jump Start Your Urban Farm

This was my favorite for today, although he didn’t score very well in the voting polls.  Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of how-to start your urban farm, he talked a bit about how he arrived at this point.  His total transformation was reading the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn in the 1990s. SAME HERE BABY!  For me, it changed my understanding of my place in the world.  So, since the presenter and I shared this life-transforming experience, I was all ears.  Of course, the main focus was on permaculture, working with nature instead of against her.  He had some basic gardening suggestions and showcased his own urban food production compound.


I did not watch Discover the Benefits and Simplicity of Thermal Cooking, From Consumer to Producer–Producing Value and Income in your Household, Getting Back to the Basics for Fat Loss, Top Tips on Buying Off-Grid Property and Setting Up a Successful Homestead (the #1 for today), or Your Custom-made Food Storage Planner in 13 Guided Steps.

I hope you enjoyed the highlights as much as I enjoyed viewing these FREE presentations!

Friday and Saturday are Encore Days.  The presentations for each day that received the most votes will be replayed.  I don’t have the complete schedule, but I’m pretty darn sure some of my favorites will be in the lineup!  If you want to purchase full and unlimited access, you can do so here.



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