Learning and Teaching Year 2

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Whew! I needed a break after that and although I was offered several jobs, I decided not to take any of them and let my husband work for a bit. During the year, parents of one of the students I taught in the kindergarten approached me and asked that I give private classes to their sons in the afternoons. I was reluctant, but they finally won me over and thus began a completely different type of teaching experience for me.

I began teaching private classes in the afternoon and evenings and on Saturdays. I charged $50 pesos per hour (and haven’t raised my prices yet), provided materials such as workbooks and language learning games, and drove myself right to the student’s doorstep on my new moto. This arrangement seemed to work out well for everyone. Since I lived way off the beaten track, my driving myself ensured that parents didn’t have to worry about transportation or the time needed for transport in scheduling the classes. Plus, I was a temporary babysitter with the advantage that when my hour was up, I could leave the students all safe and sound in their own homes and not have to wait around for the parents to get back from work.

Over the years, I have taught students aged 2 to 75, each class is tailored to the student’s educational goals. I’ve had some students for years and others that give up after just a few lessons. I am constantly designing new activities to make my classes memorable and the learning more authentic. It has been an incredible learning experience for me.



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