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Work At Home Bundle Flash Sale

I’ve been working from home for about 2 years now. In case you don’t remember, I teach English as a Second Language to both adults and children mostly in Latin American countries. I also have a writing gig where I write about elder care around the world and prepper topics.  I absolutely love working from home. It certainly has been lifesaving since the pandemic and social distancing began. 

However, it took years for me to position myself to be able to work from home. Not only did I have to figure out how to get electricity and the internet installed, but I went through quite a streak of ventures that weren’t very lucrative at all. 

Today I’d like to share Ultimate Bundles Work at Home Bundle which is available just two days, October 26 – 27 for $37. It has 28 products worth $1600 including 11 eCourses, 9 eBooks, 4 workbooks, and 4 templates. Let me break it down even further for you. 

There are:

  • 5 products focused on job opportunities
  • 6 products on personal development
  • 6 products on productivity
  • 7 products on creating a side hustle
  • 4 products on establishing a work/life balance

I’m going to concentrate on the job opportunities and side hustle sections because although the other aspects are important, if you are looking for a way to earn income from home, those are the sections you’ll want to get to first. So here’s what you’ll get about opportunities and side hustles: 

  • From $0 to $1,000: How to Create Your Own Work-from-Home Job! (eBook) by Bethany Lotulelei 
  • How To Find Real Work From Home Jobs (Plus 150 Companies That Hire) (eBook) by Anna Thurman 
  • Remote Job Bundle (Workbook) by Chhavi & Amit 
  • The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home (eBook) by Kylie Travers 
  • Virtual Assistant Jumpstart: How I Went From $0 to $3000 In Three Months (eCourse) by Alexandrea Harrelson 
  • Create, Launch and Grow Your Online Presence: An A – Z Blueprint for Turning Your Passion into Viable Income (eBook) by Abi Faniran 
  • Create Your Own Side Hustle Income Plan (eCourse) by Kerry Beck 
  • Digital Marketing QuickStart (eCourse) by Alison Reeves 
  • Fear Not! Confidence-Building Insights, Tips & Techniques for Freelance Writers (eBook) by Carol Tice
  • Power Bundle: 1Month – $1K + 5 Side Hustles That Actually Work (eCourse) by Amanda Teixeira 
  • Pricing Template and Guide (Printable) by Menucha Citron
  • The Work at Home Training Program: The Ultimate Guide to Working at Home, Making Extra Money, and Avoiding Scams (eBook) by Bethany Mooradian 

I bought this bundle during its original sale week a few months ago. I’ve worked my way through the eBooks and now I’m slowly but surely working through the eCourses. There is SO MUCH information that it’s taking some time. 

As things continue to be uncertain this year, working from home, no matter where in the world you live, will give you more peace of mind, fewer chances for contagion, and a bit of jingle to your pockets. If that appeals to you, pick up your copy of the Work at Home Bundle while you can!


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Work Freedom Summit 2019. Did you miss it?

The thing with online summits is you only get free access for a limited period of time. Depending on your schedule, you may not get to listen to all the sessions you planned to. I know that happened to me with the Work Freedom Summit this week. 

On Thursday, I enjoyed Getting Started with Blogging, Creating Online Courses, Getting Started with Coaching. On Friday, I was able to listen to Turning Your Passions into Profit, Work at Home Possibilities, and How to Create Udemy Courses. Saturday brought me Proofreading and Editing, Website Design & Digital Services.

There were segments that I totally wanted to get the information from, but you know, laundry needed done, classes needed to be taught, and lunch needed prepared, so I didn’t get to them. If that happened to you, take heart. You can get LIFETIME access to all of the sessions plus bonus content for a fraction of what the material is worth. 

If you purchase today, you’ll get all this for just $67. If you wait until tomorrow, the price goes up. You have just until 9 PM EST for this pricepoint, so time is of the essence if you want in on this informative online Work Freedom summit for a reasonable price.


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