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Donkey races in La Yacata

fiona and shrek

Shrek is on the left and Fiona on the right. Both are still sporting their shaggy baby hair.

Well, even after my husband decided that burros weren’t for us (See On Being a Burro), he went and bought Fiona. She was a lovely gray donkey about a year old. She seemed quite passive, none of the kicking and rearings that prompted us to pass Donquita on to my father-in-law.

Then about a week later, as no burro is complete without a mate, he bought Shrek. He wasn’t nearly as good looking but seemed just as amiable. He was younger than Fiona by several months and still had most of his long shaggy baby fur.

So the first thing to be done was to try them out, to see if they are going to be working burros or were going to refuse to pull the plow. Fiona, as the elder, was given first go. She huffed and puffed, but was too small to draw. Shrek, although younger and a bit smaller, turned out to be the stronger of the two, although he tired easily, which is understandable. My husband was well pleased.

shrek in the fields

Shrek even lent a hand, or hoof, in plowing the field for the summer course I was working at. The kids were thrilled to have such a visitor.

on your mark

On your mark. . .

Two burros now meant Donkey Races!! My son had a general mistrust for Fiona (perhaps because she balked one day and threw him into a pile of pig poop) and preferred to ride Shrek. My husband, although his feet nearly dragged on the ground, rode Fiona.

and the winner is

And the winner is. . .

Up and down they rode with my son and Shrek coming in first. Once Fiona and Shrek get a bit stronger, perhaps we can host some official Donkey Races in La Yacata, charge admission and take bets….hmmm. Future business opportunity??

on shrek

Thinking of going pro!


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