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Bruce Goodboy

Cocoa and Bruce

Last week while we were on our regular dog walk, this scrawny but determined puppy came out of nowhere and demanded to be brought into our pack. He would not be chased off even though it was obvious he was terrified. Cocoa, the least well-behaved of the group, was freaking out completely, so I backtracked the other way with him. Fred and George were startled, and a bit concerned but didn’t seem to feel overly threatened by this interloper. They allowed him to follow them the rest of the way around the block. 

Once Cocoa was removed to the house, the little guy bounded over and looked at me with such intelligence that I knew it was a hopeless case. My son texted my sister-in-law and asked if we could temporarily house him in her empty house across the street. She said yes, and that was that. 

He was in bad shape. We could count his ribs, but once he understood he could stay, he could not stop smiling. 

We set up a doggy daycare situation complete with a snoodle towel, Cocoa’s castoff toys, and a box for extra hominess. He stays outside during the day but on the back porch during the rain and at night. 

He sits when you tell him to. He comes when called. He is SO excited to see anyone every time. He loves his toys and dog food. He is agreeable to putting on the harness for a walk, although he’s very nervous about the actual walk and will walk so close to your heel that he gets bumped with your foot. 

Slowly, we are trying to acclimate the other dogs to Bruce Goodboy’s presence (GB). He’s been christened Bruce because he’s the color of Batman’s suit, AKA Bruce Wayne. And Goodboy, well, because he’s such a good boy. Although, with the size of his head and paws, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be Big Boy before the month is out.


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Goat Things

Here are some 2022 goat updates. The year has started out not too promising in the animal husbandry department. 

Stinky Chivo got too big for his britches and had to go. He was fighting with all the goats. He was fighting with my husband and son. He was just generally too aggressive, which is par for the course as a male goat matures.

Unfortunately, his departure occurred after he got one of the little chivitas pregnant. She’s less than a year old and it was no surprise when she miscarried. Physically, she seems ok, but the night after her loss, she cried and cried.

Then Chente, one of the triplets, up and died. He’d been not as active for a day or two, but as he’d always been the weakest of the three, we didn’t think much of it. We thought perhaps it was due to ticks and did a thorough check of all the animals and a dusting of cal (lime) to smother any insects on the ground. Cocoa and another of the goats did indeed have ticks, which were removed. No other animals got sick, which was a blessing. But poor Chente.

Then Jolina FINALLY had her babies, twins as usual. Jolina is always a bit of a dud when it comes to mothering, although her babies are always super active. This set was no exception. They have proven themselves to be the loudest dudes in the herd, probably because Jolina doesn’t respond to their bleats, which get progressively more intense until Papa Chivo (my husband) rolls out of bed to make sure they are getting fed. 

Both boys are healthy and as of yet unnamed. It just gets tiresome wrangling Jolina into position to feed them every few hours. Oh well. 


Enjoy the ongoing animal adventures of one family when they move to central Mexico and try to figure it all out in Animal Antics South of the Border.


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Cat Burglar

What are YOU looking at?

Fuzz “Klepto” Lightyear has taken up a new hobby, burglary. Anything is fair game, but his favorites are hair scrunchies and eyeglass cleaner cloths. My son is at his wit’s end with Fuzz’s stealing. He has begun a “No Open Door” policy when it comes to the furry beast, but somehow that hasn’t stopped the thievery. 

Manchas has also had enough of Fuzz. In order to maintain his substantial girth, he steals whatever is left of Manchas’ food after he has licked his own bowl clean. Manchas gets royalty incensed at this and punches him. Fuzz remains unfazed by her ol’ one-two. 

Cocoa is also fed up with Fuzz. Although Fuzz has at least 50 places where he can comfortably slumber, he’s decided that the best place is to nap on Cocoa’s blanket. No amount of harassment from Cocoa will move Fuzz once he’s settled down for a snooze. 

I sure hope this behavior is only a phase.


Looking for some feel-good animal stories? Animal Antics South of the Border has those and more!

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