Staying Alive Bear-ly

Bear is feeling better!

So wouldn’t you know it, but Bear got sick. Of course, it was the weekend, and by the time Monday rolled around, he wasn’t able to keep any food down. Off to the town vet, we went.

Turns out he was running a fever because he had a parasite, respiratory, and eye infections all at once, poor guy. Although he may have picked up the infections on our walks, after all, coyotes, skunks, foxes, and other stray dogs wander about freely, it’s more likely he had these infections since we got him, and they just got worse because I didn’t know he had them. 

Bear wasn’t feeling well enough to grumble at the moto ride to town, the examination, the shots, or the waiting, although he was alert. The vet had a few signs for pets in adoption hanging up, some kittens, some chihuahuas, and two African albino hedgehogs. 

Every day for a solid week, Bear got a trip to town. During this period, Fuzz stopped eating for whatever reason, so he got a space capsule ride and an anti-parasite pill, just in case. The vet’s daughter made a fuss over him, which he loved, and he took the pill and swallowed it just for her. Whew!

By the following Monday, Bear was feeling better. He fussed a bit at the getting ready to go to town process, and while we waited, a googly-eyed pug stuck out his tongue at Bear, who barked back as if to say, “How rude.”

He got his first set of puppy vaccines and his own record book. The vet estimated he was about 5 months old.

Then George fell out of the second-floor window of my son’s house, and another round pet care began.


Enjoy the ongoing animal adventures of one family when they move to central Mexico and try to figure it all out in the Animal Antics South of the Border series!


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