The Author and Artist Hour featuring Camille Flores

Well, I had an unexpected author interview just after my 50th birthday with the amazing Toni Lontis. If you’ve watched any of my previous attempts at interviews, you might have noticed my deer-in-headlights look. As an introvert, this sort of putting myself out there is nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, Toni knew this about me going in and worked her magic so that I didn’t feel the angst as I answered her sometimes difficult questions. Of course, I still had to spend several hours recharging my batteries after the interview, but I think it was worth it overall.

I did have some trouble with the earbuds my son lent me. They kept popping out randomly. In fact, the headshot of me at the introduction to the video has me holding my ear because the earbud was not staying put. Ahh! I could have worn my heavy-duty ear-muffer headset that I use to teach in, but I didn’t want to muss my hair. So if you see me fidgeting, that’s why. 

The first half of the interview is about my experiences as an American female expat and the books I wrote for the A Woman’s Survival Guide to Rural Mexico series. Although I’ve talked about most of these experiences publicly before, I suppose I hadn’t realized how much trauma I experienced and how long it’s taken to finally work my way into a life I love and be ok with those unpleasant episodes.

Then, the topic changed to herbs, and you already know that’s a subject that literally lights me up–everyone that’s seen the interview has commented on how my whole demeanor changed once I started talking about plants. Yeah, so that makes me a bit of a weirdo, but I’m ok with that. 

So if you have a mind to, you can watch the interview on Youtube:

Or you can listen to it as a podcast on Toni TV:

Or watch it on the Everyday Women’s Network:

One more thing about working with Toni Lontis…I know there are women who read this blog that have stories to tell. Toni’s multi-media platform encompasses a wide range of services for women, including personal coaching, business promotion, author interviews like the one I did, and genuine connections (she can help you find the person you need in your life at the exact moment you need it).

I’d like to encourage those women to set up a call with Toni to see how your stories can find a voice so that we all can be heard. 

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