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Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

HMPB Facebook BannerHow perfect is this bundle for my 2019 One-Word Goal of ORGANIZE? Eating healthy isn’t something that you are able to do if you aren’t organized! I mean really, there’s the planning, the ingredient shopping, the preparation all before you can sit down and enjoy a lovely, healthy meal!

This year’s Healthy Meal Planning bundle is just $37 for all breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side recipes and just $10 more for the drink and breakfast recipes. Just look at the list of recipes!


Baked Goods (87 recipes)
Breakfast (124 recipes)
Dinner: Celebrations & Holiday Meals (54 recipes)
Dinner: Everyday (93 recipes)
Dinner: Freezer Meals (65 recipes)
Dinner: One-Dish Wonders (72 recipes)
Dinner: Quick & Easy (85 recipes)
Dinner: Slow Cooker / Instant Pot (96 recipes)
Light Meals (76 recipes)
Salads & Sides (122 recipes)
Snacks (97 recipes)
Soups (101 recipes)
Beverages (75 recipes)
Desserts (127 recipes)

But that’s not all. This $1,038 value bundle also includes 30+ ready-to-use meal plans with shopping lists and prep notes. Some of the meal planners are specifically geared for busy moms, breastfeeding moms, gluten-free, instapot, seasonal, camping, vegetarian, slow cooker, short on time, and company’s coming!

And there’s more! The bundle also includes 5 ecourses, 5 ebooks, and 4 printable packs and workbooks all designed to help you eat healthier this year!

Get your bundle now!

Available only January 2 until January 7 so don’t wait!

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Mid-year goals update

In January, inspired by Monique Alvarez, I made a list of goals for 2017.   Mid-point through the year, I thought I’d let you know how I’m doing in manifesting these aims.

Push yourself past where you think you can go. Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Cherish your uniqueness. Create your world and fill it with all the things that make you ha

Blogging goals

  • Create 52 memes from my Instagram photos.  Replace memes on my blog with my own.  Share once a week. So I didn’t get 52 done, but I did get some done, like the one above. Isn’t it lovely?
  • Find linkys and link up. Completed for January, February, March, May and June with SOTBS Bloggers. (See New Year’s Resolutions, Thank your lucky chickens, Why I choose Mexico, Discovering Permaculture, Flavors of Mexico)
  • Have a blog post ready for every week over the course of the year. Publish on Mondays.  January, February, March success.  April a post every day. May, June, July twice a week.  Some weeks I managed a post a day!
  • Complete the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April. Done!
  • Search out women authors in Mexico to feature once a month.  January-July scheduled. (See Inspirational Women)
  • Update astore.  😦 Nope.  Didn’t get to this one yet!  However since this will be discontinued by Amazon in a few months, it’s just as well.
  • Pin at least one picture from each blog post to Pinterest. Completed!
  • Add disclosure statement. Which caused a huge disaster when sharing to Facebook and required the addition of featured images to every single post!  I’m still working on fixing this!
  • Have a post per day on my Facebook page at least a month scheduled in advance. Good through June 31.
  • Write an ebook.  Worked on it, but haven’t finished.
  • Change affiliate links from text to banner links.  Work in progress!
  • Instigate a Blogs about Mexico Worth Reading series.  The June was a great success.  Look for more featured blogs in July and August!

Income generating goals

  • Find income totaling $250 USD per month to replace school job before July. Became a book reviewer.  Revenue estimated at $50 per month.  So I’m not quite there yet. I’ve also begun ghostwriting at a women’s Prepper site.  Look for more information on that coming soon!
  • Complete proofreading course.  Took Herbal Medica Course and Introduction to Permaculture courses instead.
  • Quit the elementary school  Hasn’t happened yet.

Goals for the house in Sunflower Valley

Goals for the house in La Yacata

  • Get beginners solar electricity setup, finish wiring installation on the second floor, get light fixtures I did find a contractor to buy these things from and have an estimate.  Now I have to save enough pesos to make it a reality.  I’m still hoping this will happen by the end of the year.
  • Finish patching the second floor As this is dependent on my husband, it’s been slow going.  The first layer is completed on the walls.  It still needs a second layer, and the ceiling finished.
  • Get tile for the back room, laundry room, second floor Not happening until the first two are complete.
  • Get under stairs closet, upstairs bathroom door, bedroom door, and handrail from carpenter Not happening until the first three are complete.

Schooling goals

  • Check out chef schoolMy son and I visited the school. It is currently on hold until he is enrolled in UVEG Online Preparatory.
  • Register for UVEGThis has to wait until he receives his secondary diploma in July.
  • A trip to Chichen Itza   Sigh.  I’m not sure when this is going to happen.

Bear in mind, these were the primary goals.  There are oodles of minor goals and goals that cropped up since January.  I feel like I’ve made some progress though.  How have your New Year’s Resolutions been coming along?


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New Year’s Resolutions


Mexico has some interesting ideas about New Year’s Eve and how you can get what you want later in the year. What do you think of this list of dos and don’ts from Focus on Mexico?

**Wear red underwear for love. Wear yellow underwear to assure happiness and good moments. It is better if the underwear is a gift from someone else. To have many new clothes during the year, wear your underwear backward. (In our part of Mexico, yellow underwear brings the wearer financial prosperity for the coming year.)
**Eat lentils for prosperity. Make a little package of lentils and carry it in your purse all year long so you will have money.
**Walk out of your house with suitcases in your hands at midnight to make trips during the year. You can also walk around the block.
**To have your wishes come true in the new year, eat 12 grapes during the 12 times the bells ring at midnight and make 12 wishes.
**Sweep the floor of your house through the door and out to avoid bad luck. (In our area of Mexico, there is a special cleansing called la Limpieza de las 7 Iglesias using holy water gathered from 7 churches during Semana Santa and chlorine)
**Throw a bucket of water out of your house to clean it from bad vibes.
**Sweep money inside to have prosperity. Put money in your shoes for prosperity.
** Write on a paper everything you don’t want anymore in your life like sadness, anger, etc… and then burn it.

This year, the Flores family bypassed every single one of these traditions. We didn’t even head up the hill for the yearly BYOB (bring your own bucket) family bonfire. And you know what? Nothing bad happened! At least, so far.

On the other hand, there are some new traditions in line with our resolutions that we’d like to implement. I have already begun the Transition Year, as I have dubbed 2016-2017. Along with some personal goals that will be revealed in due course, I have some blogging goals that begin today!

Each month, I will endeavor to find a Woman Writer in Mexico to feature and share with you. In line with starting things out right, this month’s inspiring woman writer is Monique Alvarez.


“Your life is your adventure’ …say Yes to whatever beckons your heart. Make decisions that line up with your soul…..Push yourself past where you think you can go. Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish…..cherish your uniqueness. Create your world and fill it with all the things that make you happy.

With these inspiring words from “Success Redefined, Travel, Motherhood, and Being the Boss” by Monique Alvarez, I challenge you to rethink your New Year’s resolutions and traditions too.

Use these inspiring questions from Monique to define your resolutions and make your change:

**What are 3-5 things you want to accomplish in the next year?
**What must you do in order to reach each one?
**What must happen for them to fall into place that you have no control over?
**What will it feel like when you accomplish these things?
**How will you celebrate when you accomplish them?
**What is one area of your life on which you’d like to focus over the next 6 months?
**How do you want to grow in this area of your life?
**What is one daily self-care practice you can start right now?

So, armed with our resolutions firmly in mind, let’s begin 2017, shall we?





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