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National Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies Day

April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day and although I have only one kid, we’ve had plenty of pets over the years. Right now we have three dogs, 9 goats, 2 horses, and 5 chickens. Kitty, sadly, has disappeared. I keep hoping she’ll be back, but it’s been two weeks, and nary a hair of her has been seen. 

I’m compiling another book about our animal kingdom called Puppers and Nervous Nelly Goats or something along those lines. Jolina, the Puppers, Red, and Lady all have starring roles. It’s not done yet because there are still so many stories to be told. For instance, Jolina is pregnant and we are anxiously awaiting the little Jolina 2 or Jolino. I can’t imagine what sorts of mischief Jolina’s kid will bring. 


Anyway, since I’m not qualified to be on the front lines battling COVID-19, I’m doing my part to help you through this social distancing period by offering Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies FREE for your reading pleasure over the next few days. In it, you’ll be able to watch my son grow and meet the animals we’ve had since moving to Mexico. So go ahead and download your copy from Amazon and enjoy!



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