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Contest and Free EBook for Writers

I just wanted to let you know about two neat things available this week. From May 25 to May 31, you can download Writing Wisdoms: 20 Brilliant Tips from Successful, Professional Writers eBook FREE from Ultimate Bundles. In it, you’ll find the answer 20 writers gave to the question: What is the #1 piece of writing advice you’ve ever received? 

Yours truly is included, and my answer is a bit smarmy, but hey, I’m all about being honest.

Then Infostack is having a contest. The Grand Prize winner gets ten paperbacks every writer should have plus $100 in Infostack credit, a 1-On-1 Coaching Call With A Certified Book Profits Accelerator Coach, 1 Year of Access to ProWritingAid Premium, and 1 Year of Access to NovelFactory Premium.

The Second Place Winner still gets all ten books. Not too shabby for a runner-up prize. You know I love books! 

If I were you, I’d head on over and enter today! The Ultimate Writer Giveaway started May 24 and ends on June 6, with the winners announced on June 7.

Be on the lookout for more Ultimate Bundles and Infostack announcements coming soon!

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Prepare-athon 2020

Today, ironically enough, is National Prepareathon Day. Based on the state of the world recently, I would say that some further preparation is in order. Of course, that’s like closing the barn door after the horse gets out, or in this case COVID-19, but perhaps there’s still time to buckle down and get’er done. 

The US government even has a calendar to help you focus on one disaster at a time in your prepping efforts. April’s event is National Financial Capability Month. Now there’s another irony. Unemployment around the world caused by the COVID-19 quarantine is at never been seen high. 

I’m not a scientist or economist so I won’t get into the debate on what our lives will look like after COVID-19, but I’m betting that quite a number of people will be making drastic changes. Caution, self-reliance, and a revival in basic survival skills like gardening will most likely surge.

Of course, there are always those guys that are protesting the inability to get a haircut right now, because that’s a priority. Shagginess is always a precursor to civilization collapse, you know. I expect their lives won’t change much in the after-world.  

Here in Mexico, the government has said that social distancing will be in effect until the end of May. States vary on enforcement and quarantine activities. Some states have closed their borders, like Michoacan. While neighboring Guanajuato is doing business as usual. Experts predict the peak contagion here from May 2 to 8, but that date seems to change regularly.


So since we’ll be hunkering down for a spell yet, I thought I’d offer A to Z Reasons Why La Yacata is the Place to Be in Any Disaster: A Prepper’s Guide to Mexico FREE for the next few days. Although the book covers serious topics like pandemics and economic collapse, it also discusses things like zombies, because what’s an end-of-the-world scenario without zombies? (Again, I am SO thankful COVID-19 isn’t a zombie producing virus). 

disaster cover

Anyway, it’s a lighter read than my newest contribution to the prepper non-fiction genre, A Woman’s Survival Guide to Disasters in Rural Mexico: A Framework for Empowered Living Through Crisis which was written with the challenges women face in Mexico in mind. 

Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping up social distancing on the ol’ Flores ranchito. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a new book to release shortly. At the very least, I’m determined to get that 1500 piece puzzle done. 


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National Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies Day

April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day and although I have only one kid, we’ve had plenty of pets over the years. Right now we have three dogs, 9 goats, 2 horses, and 5 chickens. Kitty, sadly, has disappeared. I keep hoping she’ll be back, but it’s been two weeks, and nary a hair of her has been seen. 

I’m compiling another book about our animal kingdom called Puppers and Nervous Nelly Goats or something along those lines. Jolina, the Puppers, Red, and Lady all have starring roles. It’s not done yet because there are still so many stories to be told. For instance, Jolina is pregnant and we are anxiously awaiting the little Jolina 2 or Jolino. I can’t imagine what sorts of mischief Jolina’s kid will bring. 


Anyway, since I’m not qualified to be on the front lines battling COVID-19, I’m doing my part to help you through this social distancing period by offering Wascally Wabbits and Zombie Babies FREE for your reading pleasure over the next few days. In it, you’ll be able to watch my son grow and meet the animals we’ve had since moving to Mexico. So go ahead and download your copy from Amazon and enjoy!



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