End of Year 2021 Recap

In January, I made a 21 for 2021 list inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s article. So how did that go? Well, let’s see.

Home Improvements

  • Paint the outside front of the house (YES! And had my friend Claudia paint an amazing mural.)
  • Buy the lot next door (bought the one up from that instead)
  • Maintain a clean living environment (sort of)

Creature Comforts

  • Buy new pajamas and fluffy slipper socks sets (To be carried over to 2022)
  • Read 12 books I love (YES! I reviewed a whole bunch on my other blog ceflores.com)
  • Take the time for foot treatments for cracked heels (I did but I still have super dry heels.)


  • Express daily gratitude (YES! Living in the moment!)
  • Take time to enjoy the moment in nature (YES! Even if it was just in my garden.)
  • Garden (YES! I got tomatoes this year!)


  • Help my son work towards adulthood by getting passport and bank accounts (Capital One Teen account/ Mexican IFE but COVID prevented getting an appointment for any passports)
  • Give love and attention to the animals daily (YES! Our quarantine kitten became two and then a puppy.)
  • Maintain the good health of all family members (Still working on finding a good regime that works to help with my son’s breathing issues.)


Financial Security

  • One full-year online writing job (Does writing my own blog posts and books count?)
  • One part-year online job (I’ve been doing a copywriting/editing gig that will finish up in about a month.)
  • One full-year online teaching job (Yep! Still employed teaching online. A large number of women lost their online teaching positions this year when China did some craziness. But, not me.)


  • Use the stationary bike every day (8 out of 12 months ain’t bad!)
  • Take a minimum of 3 dog walks every day (Yes! Cocoa loves his walks.)
  • Maintain vitamin/medication regime (Yes! Vitamin C and D, plus immune-strengthening teas all year!)

I have to say, I hadn’t realized how much I had accomplished this year until I went through this list. Looking back, I’m quite impressed with my own productivity. And now I’m glad 2021 is over. Aren’t you?

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