2022 Here I Come!

I decided to simplify my yearly goals process. I’m certainly not going to keep going with the Gretchen Rubin idea of 22 for 2022. That seems overwhelming at the moment. Instead, I’m going back to the one-word focus. And for 2022, I chose the word “Intention.”

So what does that mean to me? That all my actions will be done with intention in mind.

I have some fitness goals, which I will work on intentionally. Being fit at 50 is the main focus. I’ll only be 49 in 2022, so I’ve given myself some leeway. I so want arms like these Victorian babes in the picture above. I might even get myself a feathered hat.

I have some writing goals and instead of being scattered at their pursuit, I will be intentional. My main goal is to complete an herbal book and course for women’s wellness at all stages of life. Look for that in the fall of 2022.

Ok–so our bio-pool won’t be quite as nice.

I have some living space goals as well. This year, I’m focusing on just two, a bio-pool and the second floor of the commercial space we have designed on my son’s lot. It is my intention for those two projects to be completed in 2022.

I also have two collaborative projects I’ll be working on throughout 2022. Since I’ve learned that things done as a partner take twice as long, I’m not setting firm dates for those to be finished, but I’m excited about the new course for ex-pats with Kimberlee Thorne and the children’s book series with Claudia Guzes. I hope to have something positive to report by the end of the year. At least that’s my intention. 

So what are you planning for 2022?


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2 responses to “2022 Here I Come!

  1. I would love the arms of Victorian babes too! All the best for your intentions this year. I want to keep up reading this year which I did plenty of during lockdowns (hopefully no more lockdowns) and also do more weights based exercises. Another is to change jobs!

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