Man Flu


The dreaded man-flu has struck the house and it has been interfering with my writing.  My husband has been sick a week, two full days with a fever and the rest full of boogers.

His cronies suggest he head to CAISES for an “inyeccion.”  I’m opposed. First, because he’d have to sit around all day with a bunch of sick people and probably bring another strain of the virus into the house.  Second, because it won’t cure the flu.  

Instead, I put him to bed with chicken bone broth soup, garlic tea and onions in his socks.  He claims to be feeling much better but you know the man-flu.  It tends to linger.

His illness has put a hold on our remodeling projects, but only temporarily.  The carpenter is supposed to come next week for the final project unless he too has come down with the man-flu.

Meanwhile, I’ve locked myself away in The Little House in Sunflower Valley to try and get some work done.


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8 responses to “Man Flu

  1. lifeasiknowitmx

    Sorry, I had to chuckle!

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  2. Alex

    Hahaha. Pobrecito.

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  3. Alfredo Lanier

    I agree that the usual Mexico injections don’t cure anyting particularly the flu. Our gardener had a case of the gripe a and took himself and his whole family to the local Clinic where everybody got injections. Now the onion in the socks is something new to me.

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  4. Hope he gets better soon! Fortunately, we haven’t had a case of the man flu this winter…so far.
    Onions in his socks?? That’s a new one for me!! lol

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  5. Viktor

    Garlic kills brain cells and burns holes in the intestinal lining but everything else you mentioned is fine. I wouldn’t give him any bottled water for the duration of his flu, but plenty of coconut water will surely help. You can use all the coconut meat for spicy curry coconut milk soup. And practicing the Mucusless and pus free healing lifestyle for the next 3-6 months will help prevent the flu from returning. May I ask if you or him have eaten any seafood or anything from the oceans in the past 5 years? Good luck with a speedy recovery.


    • I haven’t heard about coconut water. I’ll definitely add that to his recovery diet. I’m sure that in the last 5 years we have had seafood, but not in the last 6 months or so. Is there a health correlation? Most of the fish we do consume is local, from a freshwater lake in Yuriria.


      • Viktor

        Yes, all fish and seaweeds of today are poison due to the ongoing leaks from Fukushima daichi nuclear power plant that has been leaking since
        March 11th of 2011. As for other things I’d suggest to abstain from
        that would be any plant from the broccoli family as they severely
        damage the thyroid, mushrooms due to them aggregating radiation
        and the same goes for all dairy products to a lesser extent. You can still have dairy but its best saved for special occasions. Black walnut salve applied directly on the thyroid and ingesting black walnut tinctures are a good source of iodine. You can also eat ripe bananas and walnuts (preferably soaked so as to reduce phytic acid and antinutrients). Good quality eggs tend to be a good source of iodine as well. For the livestock animals you plan to harvest in the future, I recommend you feed them a lot of black walnut tincture regularly so their organs, blood and flesh end up having a lot more iodine thus benefiting you and your loved ones in the long run. That way the animals are the ones that deal with the phytic acid and antinutrients (animals are much better at digesting plants than us).

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      • The Fukishima thing does have me worried. Thanks for so many health tips. We aren’t in an area where black walnut naturally grows, but perhaps we’ll be able to find some at the market. We do have plenty of free-range eggs and fresh goat milk though. 🙂


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