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Once upon a time, I was doing research about living in Mexico from the US.  And you know what?  I could hardly find anything relevant to our situation. Fortunately, I had visited Mexico before.  I’d even been to the area where my husband is from.  Of course, at the time I hadn’t yet met my husband or knew that our lives would take us here, but I felt at least a little forewarned about what living conditions were like.  Although I admit, I still have much to learn about the culture, customs, language, geography and history of my adopted country.

One of my reasons for blogging is to share our experience with those that may also be making the move to Mexico, for whatever reason.  Yet, Mexico is vast and the variety of lifestyles available are limitless. Our life off-grid is not typical.  In fact, most expats can’t even imagine such a life.  Therefore, little by little, over the years, I’ve been collecting sites that might be useful for others.  You can find quite an extensive list on my Blogroll or on Pinterest.

This leads me to my current series: Blogs about Mexico Worth Reading.  For the next few days, I’d like to present some of my favorite blogs about Mexico.  If these blogs seem like something you too would enjoy reading, give them a follow.  If not, no harm done.  

If you write a blog about Mexico and would like to be included in my mega-resource list, drop me a line.  If you read a blog about Mexico that you think others would enjoy reading as well, send me an email.  

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