Oh where, oh where have they gone?

Yesterday I got home early from my classes and was accosted by the neighbor. As we aren’t exactly friendly, I wondered what this was about. It seems that someone had stolen his borrega (sheep) and he was positive the person or persons had jumped our wall into his area and removed said animal that way.

I doubted his story at first. It seemed a far stretch to think someone would lift a full-grown sheep over the 6-foot wall. He said the tejas (roof tiles) were broken right at the entry point. I commented that we had recently bought bricks to raise two of our walls and that there had been several other robberies recently. They started about the time Chokis was poisoned.

The place where the thieves jumped the wall into the neighbor's area.

The place where the thieves jumped the wall into the neighbor’s area.

Anyway, I went inside and looked out at the goats. It seemed there were fewer than usual. When my husband got home I asked him about it. Yes, Bunny and one of Venada’s twins were missing, as were a number of tools.

Further evidence of intrusion. This cactus was full and healthy in morning. Now it's munched on and trampled.

Further evidence of intrusion. This cactus was full and healthy in morning. Now it’s munched on and trampled.

As the house was unattended between 7 am and about 2 pm, that had to be the approximate time frame of the robberies. I can’t imagine that it was a quiet burglary. Lifting 3 hefty animals over the wall surely resulted in loud, hysterical bleating. Yet no one saw a thing.

Our total loss was about 2000 pesos, no small change for us. But what can you do? Call the police. Funny you should say that. Just last week, I thought it odd that a police vehicle was making the rounds in La Yacata. Probably scoping the joint out. AND the day after the robbery, the patrol vehicle sat at the end of the road most of the day. But where was it DURING the robbery?

The neighbor across the street had 2 dogs. They were poisoned yesterday as well. Guess who is probably the next target?

We opted to add to the walls.  Now they stand at 9 feet high.  We plan on getting some barbed wire to finish off the top.  We also covered those air ventilation holes the pig guy had in his wall.  Ni modo. (Nothing to be done about it).

While we were working on the walls, we had complaints from other residents that material they had left overnight had been stolen.  So it seems the rash of robberies has not finished yet.  Well, eventually there won’t be anything left to steal and the theives will move on like hungry locusts.  Or at least that’s what we hope.



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8 responses to “Oh where, oh where have they gone?

  1. How frustrating. We are stepping up security as well. Such is the world we live in.

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  2. I think our house is the only that hasn’t been robbed in our street.

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