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Last year, right before the end of the year, I released two books, the One-Year Blogging Planner and the International Event and Special Occasion List. I was in a bit of a hurry and unfortunately, the quality of the books suffered because of that. 

You see, I wanted something to use beginning in January to organize my blog content better. Not finding what I wanted out there, I made my own. Since then, I’ve had nearly a year to use my self-created resources and improve them.

The International Event and Special Occasion List had a complete overhaul. I went through and checked every single hyperlink, added more holidays as I became aware of them, and sorted the events by theme in addition to by month and date. 

The One-Year Blogging Planner also had some tweaking done. Last year, it was only available as a print book. This year, it is also available on Kindle. 

As an end-of-year bonus, both eBook versions are available for FREE on Amazon for the next few days. (December 9 – 13) If you have time, I’d love it if you would leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or drop me a line using the form below if you have suggestions on how I can make these two resources even better. 

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2019 Organize!

Well, here it is, another year in Mexico, making it my 12th. 2019 promises big things. It is the year of the Pig according to the Chinese calendar symbolizing fortune and luck (with a side order of bacon). The Feng Shui elements are fire and metal represented by the colors red and white (brings back Nebraska football memories). 2019 is also the international year of the periodic table, indigenous languages and the salmon, although I’m not sure if that’s wild or farmed salmon.

I did pretty well with manifesting goals last year, so I thought I’d try to make some new ones for this year. My one-word description for 2019 is ORGANIZE.  I happen to have more projects on my plate than I can comfortably keep track of right now, so organization would certainly help me clear that plate off.

To that end, I decided that I am tired of keeping track of my to-do lists on crumpled napkins and torn notebook pages, so I bought myself a 5-year planner for work-related projects and schedules. Isn’t this a pretty one?organizer

On the blogging/writing side, I couldn’t find a planner that I liked, so I made my own. You can get it on Amazon now! It includes a monthly list of holiday events for blog post inspiration, record sheets to keep track of income and expenses blogging/writing generated, and a place to record your mission statement and blogging marketing plan. planner


I also made a separate ebook that just lists the holiday and special events for the year that you can get free with an order of the planner, or free during this kick off the new year special from January 1 to 5.

Now, that I have these nifty organizational tools piled next to my computer, it’s time to get started on all that manifestation I have planned!




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