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Free E-Book Contest


Today I’d like to tell you about the free e-book contest from Surviving Mexico.

Why am I doing this?

I thought this would be fun and it fulfills one of the 31-day writing challenges.

When is the contest?

The contest begins today and will close on July 31.

Who is eligible to enter?

Everyone who completes the 8 questions about Surviving Mexico’s media sites correctly will be entered into the drawing for a free e-book.  Don’t worry!  They aren’t hard and there are links to help you find the answers easily.

What is the prize?

The e-book will be one of your choosing from my book reviews.

How will the winner be notified?

I will contact the winner by email after the drawing to ask which e-book he or she would like.

Where can you enter?

You can find the contest questions by clicking on the link below.

Good luck!


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