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Write Your Story Day


March 14 is National Write Your Story Day!

Have you considered writing about your life in Mexico?

If you have a story to share that would be of interest to readers and would like to see it published here at Surviving Mexico, you can go here for complete submission guidelines.

Where to begin? I know, it seems overwhelming. Why not start with just a day?

I’m pleased to announce that Surviving Mexico is now accepting submissions for the next edition of A Day in the Life — A Compilation from Women Creating a New Routine in Mexico. The world would love to hear your story!

If you haven’t already downloaded your free ebook, you can do so here.

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A Day in the Life in San Circo de Acosta

Hi Y’all. My name is Bonnie Bautista.


I moved to San Ciro de Acosta, San Luis Potosi in October 2017 after losing everything to hurricane Harvey. My husband is from Ciudad Valles which is a few hours away from where we now live.


Our days start about 7:30 am when we wake up to go exercise. I walk while hubby jogs 10 laps around the local soccer field.It usually takes 45 minutes. The weather is normally still cool from the night before, averaging about 62 degrees in mornings.

After our walk, we sometimes walk a few blocks over to a local food stand which sells gorditas. I love the chicharron gorditas. If we return home instead of going to eat then hubby goes on a 10-mile bike ride while I prepare breakfast. Normally it is just eggs and chorizo or potatoes and fresh tortillas although I don’t make the tortillas. LOL Sometimes our neighbor boy, who is 11, joins us for breakfast.

Afterward, we shower and drive to next town 45 minutes away to buy supplies for our taco stand. Traffic and parking are a nightmare. I’ve yet to drive here in Mexico. We park on the side of the road and walk to the mercado (market) for vegetables and other supplies needed daily and often stop for a bite to eat as all the walking makes me hungry.


Upon returning home around 1 pm it’s super hot outside, about 90-95 degrees, so we take a siesta with the fan going full speed. By 4 pm it’s time to prepare the salsas and meat to sell for that day. We open up at 7 pm and stay open until 11 pm. Thankfully the temperature drops back to the 60s once the sun goes down. We work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The other days we usually go to the Huasteca area to Tamasopo or Tamul or Ciudad Valles. There are beautiful waterfalls in our area.

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