Introducing the Practical Mexican Herbalism for Wellness Academy

I’m pleased to announce my first school on Teachable–the Practical Mexican Herbalism for Wellness Academy. Eventually, there will be a whole slew of courses to take, but for right now, my first course is Traditional Mexican Cold and Flu Remedies.

It’s particularly apropos right now. With the extremely high contagious factor of the Omicron variant circulating, odds are that even if you are double-vaxxed and boosted, you’ll come down with it, unfortunately. However, according to all reports, this is a milder variant and most individuals will be able to recuperate at home. 

Although quite a bit of research has gone into creating vaccines as a preventative measure, there’s not a lot being done on how to manage symptoms once you’ve got it. That means you’ll need to fall back on tried and true old-fashioned cold and flu remedies. That’s where this course will help you out. 

As a case in point, my son contracted COVID at the very beginning of the pandemic and has been struggling with long COVID symptoms ever since. I’ve searched high and low for recommended treatments, but haven’t found any. Again, the focus continues to be on vaccine production rather than alieving lingering effects, so we’ve turned to herbal remedies to help him get back to a semblance of normality. It’s hard to see an otherwise healthy young adult struggle with breathlessness, brain fog, and fatigue. Romero (rosemary) seems to work the best for his situation either as an inhalent with sea salt or in a tea and provides some relief.

In addition to romero mentioned above, you’ll also learn about immunity-strengthening herbs and plants, remedies for headache, nausea, and sore throat, and even explore a cleansing after illness ritual common in the area of Mexico where I live. 

So if you’ve a hankering for more herbal knowledge, then check out Practical Mexican Herbalism for Wellness on Teachable!

And as a bonus just for reading this far, you can download the Traditional Mexican Bugambilia Cough Remedy ebook for FREE!

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  1. Herbalism is a traditional method of medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts. Herbalism is the part of folk medicine and also known as botanical medicine, medicinal botany, herbal medicine, medical herbalism, herbology and phytotherapy.

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