My New 2022 Planner

My artistic friend and personal illustrator, Claudia Guzes, gave me a 2022 planner when we met up for our children’s book series pow-wow in December. I didn’t notice until later that her artwork was on the cover. When I asked her about it, she said the company has contacted her about creating a design. And what a design it was. She illustrated Tonantzin, the mother of all and diety whose holy place became the place the La Virgen de Guadalupe first appeared.

I didn’t notice that Claudia had included this blog as part of her work description until later as well. She mentioned the book we’ve worked on together about Moroleon too. Cool beans! Anyway, the planner is awesome! I’ve already begun filling out my 2022 projects list. 

If you are interested in a uniquely designed 2022 agenda yourself, check out chacharitas.kraft on Instagram or Facebook and see what they have to offer!

Claudia is at the top left!


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2 responses to “My New 2022 Planner

  1. I love her work. Trying to reach her.


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