La Historia de Moroleón para Niños

Now that I figured coloring book formatting out, setting up La Historia de Moroleón para Niños was much simpler than its English counterpart. My son did the translation for me. We checked and double checked accents and word choice. And I’m happy to announce that it’s now available on Amazon! 

Click on the cover for a preview.

Amazon Mexico is also carrying the ebook version, but I’m not sure when or if the paperback version will be available. There are far fewer books available through the Mexican site than the US one. Perhaps there is less demand. 

I’ve ordered my author copies. Claudia, my artist friend who illustrated the coloring books, is going to see if we can offer it at the two bookstores in town and maybe the historical society. After all, it’s a local interest book. I fully realize the audience for this topic is very limited, so I don’t expect it to make much money at all. And that’s ok.

One of my friends suggested I offer it to local schools. Having worked in several, I know how that will go. The school may buy a copy (or ask me to donate one) and then feel free to make unlimited copies to use in the classroom. Copyright has very little value here. So I’m not going to waste my time offering it to schools. 

This project, publishing the coloring book in both English and Spanish, took several years to complete. The first version was available in 2016. It’s now finished to my satisfaction and I’ll be moving on to another book project shortly. There’s no time to rest on my laurels!

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