Back to Basics Living Summit Monday Highlights

day two

So here’s what I was able to glean from the presentations I watched today:

The Secret Garden of Survival

This is what I’m talking about!  This guy has created his own secret garden full of edibles and herbs.  It’s secret in that anyone passing by would think it was a wild, uncultivated area.  He was a bit of a Prepper, so his reasoning was not just because the plants grow better that way, but also because in the event of the apocalypse, marauding hoards would simply pass it by, never dreaming it was a food forest. He talked about permaculture, planting in concentric circles rather than lines, and working with nature instead of trying to tame it.  This is my goal for our little backyard.  My husband is a bit of a traditionalist, but I’m reclaiming the wildness (with the help of the blackberry bush) little by little.

Discover 13 ways to Utilize Sunlight for Delicious Efficient Homesteading

The presenter for this video was the president of SunOven.  Mostly this segment explained how to use the SunOven for various tasks including baking, pasteurizing water, dehydrating foods and sterilizing medical equipment.  This guy was a Prepper too. The SunOven has some nice features, not only that it requires nothing but sunlight strong enough to cast a shadow to operate. This might be just the ticket if you are looking for an alternative food preparation device.

How to Plan a Year’s Food Supply

Again, another Prepper orientated presentation.  After establishing why it would be a good idea to save large quantities of food, the next step is calculating how much food you need.  This involved quite a number of spreadsheets and quite a bit of figuring. Canning, MRE (meals ready to eat), and dry goods were considered appropriate ways to save money with the caveat that if you don’t know how to use things like wheat and grains to prepare food, you shouldn’t store it.  Well, duh. 

DIY Everything

This was a short video considering the title.  The presenter showed viewers how to make all-purpose cleaning spray, lotion, and makeup, which in my book doesn’t constitute “everything.” Disappointing.

I didn’t have a chance to watch today’s #1 rated presentation Feasting on the Harvest, nor Make Great Homemade Bread Every Time, which was a bummer, but tomorrow’s lineup looks great too!

If you want to purchase full and unlimited access, you can do so here.

day three

Legacy Food Storage
Portable Solar Cooker

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