And the winner is….

My first sponsored contest ended on Monday.  There were two winners, fittingly enough one from the US and one from Mexico, who won on the basis of being the two highest scorers on the Surviving Mexico social media “test.”  I’m still waiting to hear back from dangerks to send out your prize. Please check your inbox. 

Here are the answers to the “test.”

Captura de pantalla (57)

Question #1–Where does Linkedin say that I am located?

Answer: Los Angeles, Guanajuato, Mexico

I know I don’t live there.  You know I don’t live there.  But for some reason, Linkedin insists that is where I live.  I’ve tried changing it, but to no avail.

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Question #2–How many boards do I have on Pinterest?

Answer: 39

Captura de pantalla (50)

My most popular boards are Mexican Revolution, Women in Mexico and Mexican Food and Drink.

Captura de pantalla (51).png

Question #3–How many people am I following on Twitter?

Answer: 156 (although it seems I followed 2 people without knowing about it)

Twitter is not my favorite social media network.  The instant updates distract me, so I end of turning off my notifications and just checking in once a day when I do my Book of the Day tweet.

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Question #4–How many posts do I have on Instagram?

Answer: 535

I forgot I was running this contest and started posting again at the end of the month so the actual number is 538 posts.  Isn’t Mexico lovely?

Captura de pantalla (54)

Question #5–What is the category of my Facebook page?

Answer: Local & Travel Website

The category was selected by the process of elimination.  I am not featuring famous people, nor am I running a business, so tourist page it is.

Captura de pantalla (55)

Question #6–How many classifications do I have in the About section on Tumblr?

Answer: 10

My presence on Tumblr has been a struggle for me. Maybe if I post more boob shots?   

Captura de pantalla (56)

Question #7–How many drop down menus do I have at the top of my WordPress site?

Answer: 5

As of right now, I have 4.  Amazon suddenly stopped offering its astore option and so I just deleted it from my header.  


And there we have it, folks.  Miss Fabi chose Dizzy in Durango as her free ebook.  Congratulations Miss Fabi!  Thank you for participating and stay tuned for another contest in 2018! 



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