Mexico’s Seguro Popular–Back for more–Round 3

Regional Hospital in Uriangato.

Regional Hospital in Uriangato.

The next Sunday, my husband had his rescheduled appointment at 11:40. Again, it was an all-day event for a 10 minute consultation. The doctor, not the doctor who operated on him mind you, said it was just a small hernia and that wasn’t the problem. She ordered a slew of blood work and told him that if he wanted to see his surgeon, he had transferred to the hospital by the Deportiva.

He went to try and schedule his blood work and was told that now only 35 fichas (numbers) would be given each day and that he would have to get the yellow receipt that says the lab work would be paid for before getting an appointment. (See Mexico’s Seguro Popular–Round 1) So when the cashier opened, he got his receipt. The man at the register said that all those tests would not be covered by Seguro Popular even though we have no contributivo (no co-payment). My husband had to pay 75 pesos to cover all the tests. Then he came the following morning to stand in line for an appointment. His appointment was scheduled for 10 days later.

With his appointment slip and yellow receipt, he was able to get his lab work done. He picked the results up during the week and went to see if he could get an appointment with the surgeon at the other hospital. There he was told he could only have an appointment if the doctor agreed to see him. He waited around all day, but no luck. So the next day he went back to the Regional to schedule a follow-up appointment now that he had the lab results. There he was told that since he normally comes on a Saturday or Sunday, he could only come to schedule the appointment on a Saturday or Sunday. So on Saturday, he went back and scheduled the appointment for the end of the month.

He saw a different doctor this time. This doctor said that his blood lab results were fine. This doctor said that yes, his hernia was not repaired, however, there was a risk involved in a second operation. The doc said that there was a chance it would be better, but a more likely chance that it would become worse. So he told my husband that he should schedule another appointment in a month after he had time to think over his options. Well, my husband has thought it over and decided not to have the operation. I expect that is what the system wanted him to decide all along.




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