Learning and Teaching Year 4

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The next year I was again approached by several schools, one owner even finding her way out to La Yacata to plead that I work with her school. I finally agreed to work with the sister-in-law of the parents who originally convinced me to start teaching private classes. I was to be the English coordinator and teacher, although I didn’t want to assume the title officially, so didn’t tell the other 2 English teachers that was my job description.

I probably should have, it might have made them work a little to help out, but hindsight is 20/20. So it was me teaching the students their songs for the Christmas program, me designing the end of year presentations, me scheduling the exam dates and making the study guides and gathering the random activities and putting them into books. But I learned quite a bit from these processes. My activities became better the more I did them. I was always assured criticism from the other 2 teachers that I took to be constructive and used to change anything that might need to be improved upon. Necessity forced me to be creative and my abilities expanded to meet demands.

So ended the first year. I told the owner that the second year I wanted  my title to be known, so I started the next school year as the official English coordinator with 3 teachers under me. Things were a bit smoother, however, the owners of the school were having problems with each other, which changed the atmosphere of the school itself. As I was the clear favorite of one of the owners, the other owner and those that supported her, were against pretty much anything I did. But I made it through the year, learning as I went, and that was that.



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