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Work Freedom Summit

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A few weeks ago, I did something out of my comfort zone. I participated in a video interview about publishing eBooks. Even though I teach online using a video platform, I still have to psych myself up every time. So this whole video interview thing–a bit scary.

I did it and I’m proud of myself. And I think it turned out ok. AND I want to let you know that you can watch my first ever video interview for FREE! The Work Freedom Summit will run from October 24-26.

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Look! There I am in the list of speakers!

Believe me, I know all about failing at your own business here in Mexico. I’ve tried all sorts of things to make a buck, most ending in disaster.

If you ever wanted to work from home, these interviews will not only give you some ideas on where to start but help you decide if it really is for you before you invest time and money into it. 

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You can sign up anytime to reserve your FREE spot. If you get a chance to watch my segment, I’d love to hear what you thought about it!

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I’m obviously an affiliate of the Work Freedom Summit since I’m a presenter. If you’d like to sign up to be an affiliate too, and earn a commission on paid viewers, click here.



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