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A to Z Blogs About Mexico–USMexpats

Patty writes about her travels at USMexpats and features a number of areas quite close to us here at Surviving Mexico.


Patty in downtown Morelia.


Family brought me to Mexico.  But, I fell in love with the culture, food, and weather.

The name of my blog is USMexpats.  I chose this name as it seemed to fit my travels in the U.S. and Mexico.  I, also, felt it would be easier for folks to find it when looking for more information about traveling in the U.S. and Mexico.

My blog is based on where I have traveled, lived, and explored with my main focus on the state of Michoacan.  Topics are mainly about Morelia and the surrounding towns but will include other parts of Mexico.

I blog to share my travel experiences with the hope to inspire others to travel too!  I write for anyone who is interested in traveling or relocating to Mexico.  I began by telling my travel adventures to family, friends, and colleagues.  They enjoyed my stories and I have always loved to write, so I decided to write out my travel adventures. I will be writing more about Morelia and the surrounding towns such as TzinTzunTzan, Patzcuaro, Urapuan, Quiroga, Santiago, Janitzio, and others.



Our pup, Charlie, at the San Luis Potosi plaza.


My favorite blog post is ‘Traveling to Mexico with Pets in the Car‘.  I enjoy travel but have pets too.  Many folks feel they can’t travel with pets.  I wanted to show that it is possible and how it can be done.

There are so many towns in Michoacan that are unique and full of great beauty that I am afraid I will forget to include something. That’s been the most difficult for me.

The best experience I had in Mexico was during the December holidays going from home to home to enjoy loving company, delicious foods such as tamales and corundas, and good drinks such as atole and rompope.  I learned that Mexico is full of friendly and generous folks.

The worst experience I had in Mexico was driving at night.  I learned not to do it again!

I plan on returning to Mexico for the lifestyle.

For those wishting to move to Mexico, I would advise them to join expat groups on Facebook and look online to learn more about places they want to go.  Then, go!!  Get that passport, plane ticket or car sticker, budget for it, and get out there.  When there, don’t get stuck on time and deadlines, rather just soak in the experience of simply being there.  All the colors, sights, sounds, and feelings of Mexico!



VW van front at the Hikuri Hostel in San Luis Potosi.

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