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2023 Ready or Not!

I struggled the last week or so trying to decide if I wanted to make resolutions, pick a one-word focus, or just throw my hands up and say, “come what may.” I considered the 23 in the 2023 Gretchen Rubin challenge and figured 23 goals were too many. Then I thought maybe picking three goals, but that seemed like too few. 

I eventually settled on a one-word focus. In 2023, my focus is COMPLETION. 

So what does that entail? Well, I have found myself starting projects and getting distracted with side projects and never getting the original projects finished. So I’d like to COMPLETE them. I get a thrill from project completion, and I’d like to fill my year with those little thrills. 

I want to focus on three aspects: writing, building and exercising. Here’s the breakdown.

I currently have 13 (yes, 13!!!!) WIP (works in progress). If I complete even half of those, I’ll feel all sorts of tingles. I’m setting myself up for a writing challenge over on ceflores.com this year instead of a reading challenge. 

The next aspect is my son’s house. I’d like to complete everything that requires brickwork/cement. That includes the rooftop accessway and redoing the patio by the pool since we used those bricks in another project. Additionally, I’d like to complete the pool project. That means getting a solar panel and batteries to run the pump in an effort to dissuade the frogs from spawning. 

And finally, fitness. Although I’m not going to be “fit at fifty” since that’s just 3 months away, nor have I obtained those Victorian babe arms I so want, I do want to complete my exercise routine every day. I know that I might have another 30-40 years left, and I want to stay as mobile as possible. To that end, I’ve got to keep moving now. And it’s not even like I’m doing hours of workouts–it’s less than 30 minutes (plus 5-8 dog walks) and so completing it every day won’t be onerous.

So what do you have planned for 2023?


New Year’s is the perfect time to start journaling! Click on the image below to get yours!


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