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May Holidays in Mexico–La Conmemoración del Escuadron de Pelea 201–Commemoration of the Mexican Fighting air Squadron 201

Some of the pilots of the Aztec Eagles.

Some of the pilots of the Aztec Eagles.

May 2 is the commemoration of El Escuadron de Pelea 201 de la Fuerza Aerea Expedicionaria Mexicana (FAEM), which was a Mexican air squadron formed during WWII.

The unit was known as the Aguilas Aztecas (Aztec Eagles) and was composed of more than 300 volunteers, including 30 experienced pilots. It was formed after the German attack on Mexican oil tankers. The Aguilas Aztecas participated in more than 90 combat missions with more than 1,900 hours of flight time.

The squadron participated in the liberation of the Philippine island Luzon in the summer of 1945. During the fighting, one pilot was shot down, one pilot crashed, and three ran out of fuel and were lost to the sea. In 2004, the squadron was awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor with the rank of Legionnaire.

This national holiday is not celebrated locally. However, knowing something about it explains the name of one of the colonias (neighborhoods) in Moroleón, Escuadron 201, and several streets that carry the names of the pilots. The history of a Latin American country is in its street names after all.

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