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Journals Galore! Four Journals for the Expat in Your Life (even if that’s you).

Planning on traveling or moving abroad? Have I got some journals for you!

First, for the female ex-pat in Mexico:

Then for the ex-pat in whichever country, choose from:

And for the Spanish speaking ex-pat:

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A Woman’s Survival Journal: A Guide for Making the Most of Your Life in Mexico

I know you’ll probably already overwhelmed with the shopping frenzy. You are either scouring the internet for the best deals or avoiding it like the plague. So it’s probably not the best time to release my next contribution towards the betterment of the lives of women living in Mexico, or maybe it is. Regardless, here it is–at long last! A Woman’s Survival Journal: A Guide for Making the Most of Your Life in Mexico. And for the next few days, the eBook version is FREE at Amazon.

Click on the image for a preview!

Keeping a journal clears your mind and helps you cope with stress. Journaling also is an excellent tool for self-improvement. Living in Mexico can be amazing and stressful, full of highs and lows and writing about both adventures and disasters you experience is a worthy endeavor. A Woman’s Survival Journal: A Guide for Making the Most of Your Life in Mexico gives you the opportunity to record your experiences and challenge yourself even more through a variety of prompts, exercises and quotes and ample space to record them.

But wait! There’s more! Surviving Voluntary Exile: How to overcome common obstacles to making a successful life transition will also be available for FREE until December 5.

Click on the image for a preview!

Have you chosen to follow your spouse to another country? Has your company transferred you to an overseas branch? Has the political climate of your own country forced you into exile? Are you finding it difficult to create a satisfying life in your new home? In this book, you’ll examine some common obstacles that might be holding you back from creating your best life in your new home and learn ways that you can overcome them.

Since these are the eBook versions, you’ll need your own notebook to respond to the journal prompts, of course, but I hope you will still find it soul-satisfying and empowering just the same!


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