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Blogs about Mexico Worth Reading–Rancho Pint

John Pint writes about his activities at Rancho Pint and the surrounding area. If you are looking for adventure, look no further!  Fascinating tidbits about the geological attractions of the area.

rancho pint heading

What brought you to Mexico?

My wife Susy, who is from Michoacán.

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?

My birth certificate.

What area of Mexico and topics does your blog primarily focus on?

A circle with a diameter of 500 kilometers, centered on Guadalajara. I write for people who appreciate nature and the great geodiversity and biodiversity in the above-mentioned circle around Guadalajara.

What is your favorite blog post?  

My most recent is my favorite until the next one comes along. So, at the moment, my favorite is about a fellow who photographs jaguars, and how he does it.

What has been the most difficult for you to blog about?

Awareness and “awareness of awareness.” Nobody knows what I am talking about!

What has been the best experience you’ve had in Mexico?

Talking to my gardener about woodpeckers. Here is what I learned from just one conversation.


What has been the worst experience you’ve had in Mexico?
Rappelling down a 70-meter narrow pit only to discover there was no oxygen at the bottom. From that experience, I learned how to detect the presence of carbon dioxide in a cave.

What advice do you have for those planning to move or travel to Mexico?

Learn Spanish, live in a Mexican community, get a 4WD vehicle and buy my book, A Guide to West Mexico’s Guachimontones and Surrounding Area, The Lost Civilization of Teuchitlán

If you are currently in Mexico, how long do you plan on remaining?

I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

Where do you see your blog going?  

Well, I think I started my page before blogging existed, so I guess I first have to find out exactly what a blog is. With luck, I may still be around when blogging has disappeared.

Where can you be found?

Facebook is the only one of these I have figured out (somewhat) and my Facebook name is …aha! You guessed it: John Pint.



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