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Failing at Your Own Business — Book Reviewer

Since my last online book reviewer failure, I’ve been trying to find another agency where I can combine my two favorite activities, reading and writing. For a while, I was reviewing books that were absolutely amazing for an Irish company called International Review of Books, but at the beginning of this year, I no longer received options for books to review, and so I guess they were done with my services.

Then I signed up to be a reviewer for Reedsy Discovery which launched in March. Not only do I get hundreds of books to choose from, but I can repost my review on my blog. I’ve been posting them to Content Creative rather than here at Surviving Mexico unless the book is something that I think expats in Mexico would enjoy reading. 

find out how to become a book reviewer

The books on Reedsy are mostly self-published authors, so I have been enjoying making a difference with my reviews. I’ve even been contacted via email by several authors about my reviews. 

Many thanks for your insightful review of my book. I believe you caught the spirit of the adventure. Much gratitude!”

“Thank you for the amazing review of my book. I am so glad that it resonated with you and that you found it helpful. I had the chills as I read your review and was near tears because you got it!”

“Thank you for pointing out those few things in your review, it was definitely helpful, especially the part about a missing section. I had two different documents and somehow that section wasn’t transferred over. So thank you for pointing that out. I’m surprised no one else mentioned it. Good eye!”

Since I am a self-published author myself, I’ve been reading these books with perhaps an overly critical eye. And as an author, I can also submit my books for review, but I haven’t done it yet. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll get a reviewer as tough as I am. Who knows? It is on my to-do list, however. 

Anyway, it seems that Reedsy Discovery is in need of more book reviewers and has put out the word that they are accepting applications. You can find out more information here if this is something that appeals to you.



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