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2022 There I Go!

Well, I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped in 2022, but I did have the intention, which was my one-word focus for the year. Here’s a recap and what did and didn’t happen. 

It was my intention to be fit at fifty. Sadly, I do not have Victorian babe arms yet. However, I did do pretty well with regular exercise, and I can now wear pants that were too tight during the pandemic years, even some that were too tight before that. I’ve still got a few months until I’m fifty, and while I won’t be buff, I am feeling healthier. 

It was my intention to complete an herbal book and course for women’s wellness. I published Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico Volume 3: Native and Naturalized Plant Use in May. The women’s wellness course has morphed into a second volume of The Mexican Apothecary but isn’t ready for release yet. I’m also working on Herb Book Volume 4, which should be finished in 2023. 

It was my intention to build a pool and finish the commercial space on my son’s lot. The pool project did get done, but it will need to be revamped in 2023 to include a pump to filter the water. A frog or two decided it was a perfect place to spawn, and we had tadpoles and algae and stuff that we’ll need to clear out before we use it again. The second floor was completed on my son’s lot, although the house isn’t ready for habitation just yet. 

It was my intention to complete two collaborative projects in 2022. I actually did three collaborative projects this year. The first was with Kimberlee Thorne. Our course for ex-pats didn’t bring any money in, so I’ll have to rethink continuing that project. Then I partnered up with both Ultimate Bundles and Infostack with my writing courses. Neither was financially lucrative, and I won’t be participating next year. And the children’s book series with Claudia Guzes is in the works. Look for the first book to be released in early 2023. 

It was not my intention to find another primary source of income, but that’s what happened in March when the company I worked for transferred their contracts to China. It took way longer than I would have liked to find another job. Currently, I’m working four jobs, and it’s still not cutting the mustard, but something is better than nothing. 

It was not my intention to adopt another pet either, but Bruce Goodboy came into our lives. We are above and beyond pet capacity, so hopefully, any new animals in 2023 can be rehomed somewhere other than our house, but we’ll see. 

Overall, I’d have to say that 2022 wasn’t the easiest year I’ve had, but I managed to muddle through living more intentionally. I have a few days yet to think about my goals and intentions for 2023 and will be spending some time daydreaming about the possibilities open for me in the new year. How did your year go?


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